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how to treat HIV

how to treat HIV

Let’s make it clear, to date, HIV remains incurable. There are existing remedies for how to treat HIV that should just slow down the course of the disease. They will make the immune system of an HIV infected person stronger when taken regularly without any single miss. Antiretroviral drugs are used to suppress the HIV virus. A healthy lifestyle, together with the addition of alternative HIV treatments, also allows HIV-infected individuals to live comfortably for quite a long time. Immunity enhancing herbs like cordifolia, emblica, and Tinospora are helpful to eliminate the symptoms of the disease the same as fresh sources of beta-carotene such as carrots and Chinese cucumber. Living a normal life with HIV patients is possible as long as they are treated as anybody else. Special treatments, discrimination, and isolation will definitely drive HIV sufferers to depression. That is their main cause of death.

There are even instances that AIDS-affected individuals who are keeping their body healthy with nutritious food, exercise, and stress-free activities even out-live normal people.

The capability of caring for HIV carriers is even developed further with the formulation of advanced medicines. Government subsidies for these medicines are even imposed in rich countries. The cure may be evasive, but one can definitely live longer with it with the right attitude. The use of Nucleoside and Nucleotide Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors, or NRTIs, once a day is recommended for adults. This will block reverse transcriptase when combined with other Nucleoside medicines thus delaying the advancement of HIV to AIDS. Atripla and Combivir are examples of these treatments. Reverse transcriptase is a protein that supports the duplication of this harmful virus.

  1. A Non-Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors, or NNRTIs, will be prescribed to block Reverse Transcriptase for people who do not have a problem taking one kind of medicine three times a day. It can work independently as long as the recommended dosage is taken promptly. Rescriptor is an example of an NNRTI. Consider the fact that HIV becomes resistant to the medication when taken inconsistently. It is important not to miss any of it.

  2. Children will be introduced to Protease Inhibitors, or PIs, but this is suitable for adults also. The dosage of Agenerase and Norvir is dependent on the doctor’s prescription. It can be taken to up to eight times a day. These block Protease that the Human Immunodeficiency Viruse utilizes to increase in number. Protease is a protein substance that nourishes the deadly virus.

  3. Injectable treatments called the Entry or Fusion Inhibitors are good options for direct applications. They block the virus from entering the cell at its first attempt. The progression of HIV will definitely be hindered or slowed down. The medication will not take effect when mixed with stomach acid because it can be broken down with it. This is also the reason why it cannot be taken orally.

  4. A viable support group for HIV/AIDS-infected individuals is crucial for them to live longer normally. They should not be subjected to humiliating situations. The confidentiality of the disease must be respected without being detached at all. It is ideal for people living with HIV carriers and AIDS-infected persons to be knowledgeable about the disease. This will help families to function better around the affected.

The ways on how to treat HIV will become very effective when administered with understanding, compassion, and love. HIV/AIDS patients should not suffer any more from the negative actions made by uninformed people. Remember that this disease is now widely spread.   Even housewives who hardly socialize outside can still be affected. We have no right to judge the infected ones.


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