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how to treat IBS

how to treat IBS

Are you one of the many people suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS? You might not know about what’s causing your stomach discomfort. Sometimes you’re constipated other times having diarrhea. You often have a bloated stomach and experience abdominal cramps plus other irregularities. These symptoms are all pointing to this condition. How to treat IBS needs some trial and error. Our present, fast-paced life also has something to do with it. Stressing out on daily activities contributes greatly to IBS. It can happen when you overeat. You will not be spared if you eat too fast habitually. If you’re fond of fatty foods and sweet snacks, you can develop IBS as well. If you are on antidepressants and antibiotics, your intestinal bacteria’s balance will be altered possibly leading also to IBS. Below are some practical solutions for the treatment of IBS:

  1. When you have bowel irregularities around 12 weeks in one year continuously or on and off plus you’ve noticed the presence of mucus in the stool on top of the other symptoms mentioned above, you are more likely to have IBS.

    can try home remedies first like water therapy. Drink lots of clean and unadulterated water. This will clear out your digestive system by flushing toxins out through urination.

  2. If you are sensitive to any food, avoid it totally. Some people cannot digest gluten or many are lactose intolerant. Whatever your sensitivity is, it’s best not to challenge yourself because your body will certainly react to it in a very undesirable way. When you are trapped in a very tempting situation, just think of the embarrassment that you’ll experience when your stomach starts to turn inside out.

  3. Improve your daily meals with fiber-rich foods. You can start with new choices of breakfast selections: opt for brown or yellow carbohydrates. If you are using white bread, change to wheat or whole grain bread. Vegetables and fruits especially when not cooked and in the skin is edible are very rich in fiber. Though some people with IBS have difficulty in digesting them, find out what’s acceptable for you and make the proper choice.

  4. Discipline yourself not to indulge in carbonated drinks. You won’t get any nutritional benefits from soft drinks and sodas. They may even cause IBS and other diseases when you are hooked on them. Foods with fats will not lubricate your digestive track. Instead, they will be solidified and disrupt the movement of wastes in the system. Dairy products, on the other hand, should be limited to one portion a day.

  5. Learn to stop when things get unbearable. Try15 to 30 minutes of body and mind exercises like meditation with matching yoga positions will bring you back to your inner self. You will be energized because the respiratory, blood, and digestive cycles will be enhanced through these routines. Many are still unaware that deep breathing can add many more years to one’s life. Doing one thing at a time will also allow concentration. Try dining alone in a quiet place as a positive factor.

  6. Take Probiotic supplements. They are vital in the restoration of healthy intestines minimizing bloating and interrupting bowel irregularities. They are marketed as liquid drinks or powder supplements plus orally administered maintenance drugs.

How to treat IBS is easy if you know how to discipline yourself. To make it easier, just think that you are actually not depriving yourself from the good things in life. Instead, you are taking advantage of the resources that matter. The result will be more quality time to do the activities you like most with the people that you want to spend time with in lieu of your IBS sufferings.


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