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how to treat joint pain

how to treat joint pain

Treatments for joint pain may provide long-term relief especially when caused by a primary condition. Medical and therapeutic approaches can be combined on how to treat joint pain. However, in some cases the root causes cannot be cured. This is true with osteoarthritis. Another condition without cure is rheumatoid arthritis. Most oral medications, however, only minimize the symptoms and can greatly affect the liver together with other side effects. Know your options carefully. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are mere painkillers. Ibuprofen and aspirin are common over-the-counter drugs that can ease joint pain immediately. Other safe, common drugs include; Indomethacin, Piroxicam and Naproxen. They can also reduce swelling.

  2. COX-2 inhibitors are newly manufactured anti-inflammatory drugs. Prostaglandins are the so-called chemical messengers causing the symptoms. Their production is prevented when selected COX-2 enzymes are blocked thus relieving pain and swelling.

  3. In addition to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are drugs that control the symptoms of joint pain added to the prescription for better results. Hydroxychloroquine and Penicillamine are a few of the symptom-controlling drugs. These have the same effects with gold, Azathioprine, Methotrexate or Sulfasalazine.

  4. Oral and injectable steroids are selectively prescribed for faster relief of intense pain of the defective joints. Applied in a minimal dosage they can also reduce swelling and minimize inflammation.

  5. Dietary supplements are also used in easing symptoms. In the process, they are also vital for cartilage restoration. They also have no known side effects. Glucosamine is equally effective as Chondroitin Sulfate.

  6. Supervised Physical Therapy is a normal prescription for joint pains in addition to other medications. Stretching, muscle-toning routines, and even walking are some of the daily activities that should be done to prevent the muscles from being stiff. Anything that contributes to better movement and flexibility is included such as massage and traction. The physical therapist will facilitate traction by gently pulling the joints.

  7. Operating on the affected joints should be your last option. Arthroscopy is a surgical procedure to repair severely damaged joint or, if irreparable, bone fusion replacement.

  8. Creating a balance on your physical activity will help the condition. Remember that anything in excess can be harmful. Too much immobility can cause muscle stiffness. Too much activity will also exhaust already fragile joints. This is also true with weight. Never let go of yourself. It will be a lot more difficult to function with your damaged joint when you are overweight.

Generally, a healthy lifestyle is crucial for people with joint pain. Do not smoke because smoking can make your bones brittle. You can become paralyzed in just one accident. Exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet daily. Avoid stressful circumstances. Instead, occupy your time with the things you enjoy. Find a support group in your neighborhood for worthwhile activities. Wear a supportive gadget so as not to be dependent on other people when setting your own personal appointments. How to treat joint pain can be complicated but you can make it manageable. Remedies that can improve blood circulation, strengthen your spine, and relax you are good for easing joint pain. Applying hot and cold compresses or a combination of both are good home remedies. Also, you can use the buoyancy of water for a pain-free exercise through hydrotherapy. Try lying on a therapeutic mattress and see if you can comfortably sleep on one.  Nothing can beat a treatment that is happening while you sleep.  


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