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How to Treat Kennel Cough

How to Treat Kennel Cough

As a dog owner, it is your full responsibility to look after your dog’s total well being. Some diseases that seem very mild such as common coughs may lead to something serious that can cause your pet dog a lot of suffering.  Therefore, it is important not to take this for granted and know how to treat kennel cough. It could just be a symptom of an allergy but can also be something more serious. Here are some inputs that will be useful for you:

  1. Isolate your dog from other pets or animals in your household for the time being. Kennel cough is contagious and is caused by Bordetella bacteria which dogs happen to inhale from the environment. See your veterinarian right away for him to prescribe an antibiotic that targets this particular bacterium. Although some cases of kennel coughs are mild and can be left untreated, giving medication can hasten recovery. There are cases of untreated simple kennel coughs turning into pneumonia.

  2. Give your dog vitamin supplements to help boost its immune system.

    sk your vet’s recommendation on what is the best kind to give to your pet. For a more natural supplement, add honey to your dog’s water or food as it has some therapeutic properties that can help cure kennel cough.

  3. See your vet again for another check-up when after giving medications and taking precautionary measures, the symptoms still prevail and you can observe heavy breathing, loss of appetite and listlessness - as these indicate that it has led to a more serious disease. When kennel cough takes time to cure, it can cause the inflammation of the larynx and trachea - your dog’s voice box and windpipe respectively. This means too much discomfort to your dog which can definitely cause stress and depression as an added suffering to your dear pet. Use humidifier to keep moisture on your dog’s already irritated throat and to make its breathing easy.

  4. As a preventive measure or after your dog have fully recovered from kennel cough, make sure that its living space is clean and properly ventilated. Disinfecting your household can also eliminate the presence of all sorts of bacteria such as Bordetella. This is also good for your family to make sure everyone not only your pet dog is protected. Giving vaccine against Bordetella bacteria is also highly recommended.

  5. Avoid making your pet overly exposed to prolonged swimming or cold temperature, overly crowded or poorly ventilated places, dust and smoke.  Kennel cough is characterized by forceful coughing, hacking and watery eyes with some discharge and sneezing - it is likened to common coughs and colds. Stress from travel can also cause kennel cough so it is best for your dog to stay home.

  6. Give your dog nutritious food and keep it hydrated especially when suffering from kennel cough. Encourage it to eat even if it has no appetite as abstaining from food and water will make it weak and more vulnerable to more infections. Make your pet go out to breathe fresh air too. Exercise is still encouraged but don’t make it strenuous at this point.

If you truly care and love your pet, do not take little things for granted especially when it comes to its health and physical well-being. Take the time to know how to treat kennel cough so that this simple disease will not cause more serious health threats to your pet. This will also save you the trouble of going to your veterinarian and spending for outrageous medications.


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