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How to Treat Kidney Disease in Cats

How to Treat Kidney Disease in Cats

Kidney disease is quite common for older cats. Although the symptoms for this are quite similar to other diseases, a visit to your veterinarian is mandatory to make an accurate diagnosis. You have to be aware on how to treat kidney disease in cats so you can do the rest of the medication at home. For severe cases though, you have to confine your cat in the hospital until it is stable and is cleared to go home. Here are some important factors to consider:

  1. Be conscious on any changes you see in your cat’s day to day behavior. Symptoms of kidney disease and other diseases are manifested by sudden loss of appetite, weight loss, weakness, and constant thirst and frequent urination. Do not wait for severe manifestations to appear before you consult with your veterinarian. Let him examine and conduct tests on your cat. A blood count may be necessary as well as a urine test, x-ray, ultrasound or other tests to determine the correct diagnosis.

  2. Should your vet confirm a kidney disease diagnosis on your cat, it will be given prescribed medication.

    Be attentive when he explains to you how to administer it to your pet. Ask questions if you do not understand everything. This will assure that no mistakes will be made in giving the right medication. Also, a diet plan will be given to you for your pet. Improper feeding when your cat is sick can aggravate the situation.

  3. Monitor the progress of your cat while on medication. If you think it is not improving on its health, or if there is an adverse reaction and it is causing your pet more discomfort – consult your vet.  There are times when the cat’s body does not respond to a particular medication, which makes it practically useless and a waste of money. Sometimes it is simply trial and error.

  4. In a worst case scenario, a kidney failure is evitable. If it gets to 70 percent, it is likely to be irreversible.  You can just prolong the life of your cat, but you will definitely see its discomfort. Severe cases are best left to the care of an experienced veterinarian.

  5. Kidney disease for cats is a serious matter. The problem with this disease is that the symptoms manifest only when the case is already severe. In which case, not much can be done except to make it less uncomfortable for your cat. If your cat shows soreness on the lower portion of its body, it must really be in pain. It will eventually lose its appetite and will move less and less.  Get the advice of your vet when this happens.

Caring for pets entails dedication, patience and hard work. The joy they bring us compensates for the sacrifices we make for them. It is like having a baby in the house. They are also dependent on us for their wellbeing. Knowing how to treat kidney disease in cats is mandatory when your pet gets older as this disease is more likely to manifest at that stage.  There are several factors that can cause kidney disease, such as genes, improper feeding and infections. What is important is you have done your part in caring for your beloved pet cat.


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