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How to treat meningitis

How to treat meningitis

Diagnosing meningitis, or blood poisoning, needs to be done in a medical facility with qualified medical practitioners. A person suspected to have the disorder must be rushed to the hospital because doctors will have to determine if the patient is suffering from viral or bacterial meningitis. Any inflammation in the brain must be controlled and reduced at an early stage to stay safe. This can be deadly when not handled properly or when swelling has gone out of control. How to treat meningitis differs according to what causes it. Severe meningitis caused by either a virus or bacteria require hospitalization immediately because antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs will be administered intravenously. Home treatments may be advised for mild, viral meningitis. Medications for headaches, pain killers, and anti-sickness drugs to prevent vomiting are enough for the patient to recover within 14 days. There’s no need to continue taking antibiotics once viral meningitis is confirmed. In both cases, the patient will need a lot of rest. Here are the specific methods in treating them: Care and Treatments for Viral Meningitis

  1. At the slightest symptoms, the patient must be sent to the hospital for testing.

    Most cases of viral meningitis are mild, but there’s always the risk of infection. Once infected, more serious complications can happen. Get the doctor’s full diagnosis first and see if home treatment is viable.

  2. Complete rest is a must for the patient. Bed rest is strictly compulsory to be able to get out of bed after 14 days or less. Make sure that the rest is not only physical but also mental. The body must be totally relaxed at all times within the healing period. This is a good time to get a lot of sleep.

  3. Water therapy is needed during the course of treatment at home. The water in the body must be replaced every hour for cleansing and to avoid dehydration when the treatments are using up the fluids in the body. Add in clear soup plus fruit and vegetable extracts as natural drinks.

  4. Pain killers can lessen the patient’s discomforts. Over-the-counter medicines will be good enough, but do not go over the doctor’s prescription. The liver can suffer if pain killers are taken in excess.

Administrating Treatments for Bacterial Meningitis
  1. This is an emergency case. Proceed to the emergency room at once. Once bacterial meningitis is detected, the patient will be delivered to the Intensive Care Unit in which hospitalization is required.

  2. Close monitoring is essential for the patient. Managing dangerous seizures, high fevers, plus visual and hearing impairments are vital for the well-being of bacterial meningitis patients. Complications must be dealt with first to stop them from becoming permanent disorders.

  3. Follow the doctor’s prescription religiously. Corticosteroids are for inflammation reduction in the meninges, the central nervous system’s protective membrane. Anticonvulsants are for the control of seizures. Antibiotics are for the elimination of the bacteria present thus avoiding infection.

  4. The patient must recuperate in the hospital for as long as it is needed. The doctor will determine the necessity of staying in the hospital for intensive monitoring of the condition’s progress and administration of medicines.

How to treat meningitis includes an ounce of prevention. If a person, particularly a child, is exposed to bacterial meningitis through close contact with another person who is suffering from the disease, a complete dose of antibiotics can be administered to the child to prevent him from being infected. This is a life-threatening disease and must be treated as such.


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