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How to Treat Pain in Dogs

How to Treat Pain in Dogs

It is very heart breaking when you see your beloved pet dog in pain. It is best to be observant on your dog’s everyday movement, behavior and attitude to see signs of sufferings. This gives you a clue on how it is feeling inside.  When you see it is really in pain, you should know how to treat pain in dogs as it is not the same with humans. The following tips will guide you:

  1. Do not give medication to your dog just by guessing its condition based on how it looks. This might cause more harm to it than good. Consult your veterinarian first and let him diagnose and prescribe. Treat each case as urgent as some dogs do not have a very long tolerance to pain.

  2. As dogs age, they have a tendency to be afflicted with arthritis. This will cause a lot of pain too. A dog will have a hard time standing up and moving around, and it will lose its appetite. Prior to this, take a preventive measure. Let it do some exercise daily like running around the park or simply take it for a walk. In case its condition is severe, ask the vet for some pain killers that will ease its suffering.

    ake sure you do not feed it any food that will make its condition worse.

  3. Proper nutrition is a must for dogs that are in pain, regardless of the cause. If your dog will not eat, it will become weaker. Its body’s defense mechanisms will be weakened and it cannot fight infection. Try to force it to eat, as starvation could deteriorate its condition. Feed it just like when it was still a very young puppy.

  4. When your dog is in pain and you do not know what is causing it, try to touch and caress it all over his body. If you touch it on its abdomen and it jerks, more or less you know where the pain is coming from. You can give this information to your vet to help him make a fast diagnosis. Definitely, there will be changes occurring in your dog’s daily routine. Tell your vet about these changes as well.

  5. In the worst scenario, it is very agonizing to see your dog suffer from a lot of pain, especially if it is already very old and its health is deteriorating, making it immobile. Euthanasia or mercy killing may become an option. Your vet can make it sleep for good with just a shot. But, of course, only use this as a last resort. You will just have to condition yourself and accept the fact that a dog’s life is not as long as ours.

The saying “prevention is better than cure” is also applicable to dogs - so before anything else, proper nutrition and regular consultation with your vet should be done. You can see your dog in pain mostly when it is no longer bearable. For the first sign of pain, apply what you have learned on how to treat pain in dogs. Ailing dogs are very fragile and chances of recovery can be high if you do the right thing.


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