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How to Treat Pneumonia in Dogs

How to Treat Pneumonia in Dogs

The on-going debate on how to treat pneumonia in dogs between the conventional and holistic methods will never come to an end. So, it’s the individual’s prerogative what to follow based on personal beliefs. Here, you are given an option on what to do if you opt for the natural way than what veterinarians normally advice dog owners. Just remember that you are solely responsible for your actions on the condition of your dog. Here are your choices:

  1. If you go for the conventional treatment, bring your dog to the vet at once when it has shortness of breathing. The veterinarian can have better references in evaluating your dog’s condition by performing lung x-rays and in physically examining it using a stethoscope.

  2. Follow the vet’s prescription for the cure of pneumonia if this is the diagnosis. Your dog may have to go through a full dose of antibiotics for 21 days. Be resourceful in administering it like stuffing the medicine in its favorite treat. See if there’s an improvement especially in the dog’s food and water intake.

  3. Alternatively, let the dog heal naturally by letting it rest and drink lots of water. Refrain from giving solid foods for a maximum of 3 days. This will make its immune system concentrate in fighting off harmful foreign elements using the dog’s energy reserves – than being utilized by the digestive system.

  4. Help ease the dog’s mucus congestion by giving it a steam bath and add eucalyptus oil as its vaporizing agent. This is an alternative way for the theophylline treatment your veterinarian prescribed using a modifier. Massage the dog’s chest to help it in coughing its phlegm away.

  5. Supplement your dog with Vitamin C and E formulated for dogs naturally and cough syrups to suppress the dog’s coughing conventionally. In severe situations, you may have to supplement its oxygen supply also using a nasal oxygen tube from the animal supply store or the vet’s clinic.

  6. When your dog ceases to eat and drink, the only way it can be nourished is through an IV. In this case, hospitalization will be needed. However, you will be advised by the vet through your follow-up visits if there’s no improvement observed from the treatments. D not attempt inducing IV to your dog if you are not medically trained. Some things have to be entrusted to the professionals to avoid fatal mistakes.

  7. If your dog however still has some appetite but obviously having difficulties with coughing and other signs of the disease, you can try KC-defense – a fully holistic approach in relieving the symptoms of pneumonia using homeopathic and herbal medicines. Just sprinkle the granules on your dog’s tongue and allow them to dissolve. This certainly will work like magic by making your dog feel a lot better. The good thing is - this is not addictive to your dog.

Whether you go for the holistic or conventional approach, how to treat pneumonia in dogs must be taken seriously. This is one bacterial infection that can be a life-threatening condition when not properly treated. Do not gamble when your dog shows signs of respiratory illness – administer what you think is best for your dog. The most important thing is - you’ve given it quality care the fastest that you can. Be careful when you’ve sensed your dog pushing its lips out while trying to breathe desperately – it’s pneumonia could be in a critical stage and the best thing to do is to run to the veterinarian for the best possible cure there is, conventional or not.


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