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how to treat poor circulation in legs

how to treat poor circulation in legs

Good blood circulation is very important because blood transports oxygen, vital fluids and nutrients to the different parts of the body. If your blood circulation is not functioning well, you will likely experience tingling, numbness, swelling feet, cramping legs or cold feet. There are several ways on how to treat poor circulation in legs, which can help you feel better. Injuries heal poorly and hands and feet easily chill when blood circulation is impaired. People currently suffering from neuropathy, arteriosclerosis and diabetes must improve their blood circulation, otherwise chronic health problems can possibly occur. To achieve optimum health condition, let us identify important home remedies effective in treating poor blood flow.

  1. Maintain a healthy diet. An unhealthy diet is one of the common causes of poor circulation. Whole grains, fresh fruits, red vegetables, nuts, seeds, oily fish, tuna and mackerel are the foods you should incorporate into your diet plan. Foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids are also good choices in treating blood circulation naturally.

    Don’t forget to drink plenty of water and consume fibrous fruits in order to lower your cholesterol level. Add turmeric in pasta and rice in order to prevent blood from clotting. Cayenne pepper, garlic and ginger are good in clearing the arteries.

  2. Avoid foods that can impair blood circulation. Excessive intake of sugar, salt and saturated fat can impair blood circulation because the blood vessels are destroyed while the veins are clogged. Foods rich in trans-fat, such as canned goods and fried foods, must also be avoided.

  3. Exercise regularly. Brisk walking, swimming, dancing, aerobics, running, jumping jacks and yoga are good physical activities which can greatly improve blood circulation, particularly in the legs. These can also relieve pain and coldness in the feet. At home, you can enhance blood pumping by working out using an elliptical machine, stationary bike or treadmill. At the office, peddle your legs occasionally or walk around for three to five minutes. In every physical exercise, warm up first and gradually increase the speed of your movements.

  4. Elevate feet and legs. This can help in directing the blood back to the heart. Elevate feet above the heart for twenty to thirty minutes. Performing this routine daily will assist the oxygenated blood in flowing through the legs.

  5. Quit smoking. Smoking compresses the blood vessels, which will result in poor circulation. When plaque begins to accumulate in the arteries, the flowing of the blood becomes very slow.

  6. Take supplements. Vitamins C, E, B-Complex, calcium, magnesium and minerals are all useful in keeping good blood flow. Take multivitamins if you have a very low supply of nutrients. Herbal supplements like gingko biloba and hawthorn berries are effective in dilating the arteries.

  7. Have a leg massage. Leg massages or acupuncture can increase blood flow. Massage is an alternative technique that ensures continuous and natural circulation. Whenever you feel pain, rub down the legs until you feel comfortable. Apply baby oil or hypoallergenic powder first to avoid skin irritation, especially if you have highly sensitive skin. Soaking the limbs in warm water before the massage is another option.

  8. Wear compression socks. The socks provide natural support to veins and pressure in the legs, which help the blood in getting back to the heart. They stimulate circulation effectively. Pressure is applied first near the ankles and slowly decreases as the socks go upward the legs. In this way, the blood can easily move upward. You can buy compression stockings online or in the nearby stores selling medical supplies.

The remedies discussed on how to treat poor circulation in legs can help relieve the pain and, eventually, allow the blood to pump freely through the arteries. In whatever way you would like to address the problem, it is always wise to discuss the symptoms with your doctor. Remember, poor blood circulation, if left unattended can cause gangrene or bring about leg amputation.


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