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how to treat radiation burns

how to treat radiation burns

Radiation therapy is one of the treatments for cancer. There’s also other medical equipment that uses radiation for its specific purpose. X-rays are one of them. Medical practitioners are often exposed to ionization radiation. This is the energy used for the said procedures. This can also burn the skin when accidentally applied. How to treat radiation burns is simple unless you have third-degree burns. People suffering from skin cancer will have to go through radiation treatment also. The ultraviolet energy from radiation treatments can be compared to that of the sun’s UV rays that cause you to get sunburns when you are exposed too much. Since the skin is already sensitive due to the symptoms of skin cancer, there’s a tendency that the radiation applied will be miscalculated resulting in burns. This can happen if you are undergoing radiation treatment or just administering it. Here’s how to cure radiation burns:

  1. If it happens in the hospital, radiation burns will be assessed immediately by the doctor. First-degree burns might not need to be treated.

    light redness will go away after a few days. Second-degree burns will take much longer to heal, perhaps around three weeks. Sores and swelling must be given relief after cleaning them up with water. It’s a third-degree burn when you see the burned area turning to black and the layers of the skin are charred. Do not attempt to do anything with it when you don’t really know what to do.

  2. The doctor will then prescribe external medications depending on the assessed degree of burns. It will be in the form of creams and ointments that you can apply at home. Do not apply the medication without cleaning the affected area with water. Pain relievers like Ibuprofen can be taken first to get rid of the burning sensation. A small amount of burn ointment can then be applied after cleaning the area. In the case of third-degree burns happening somewhere else other than the hospital, just cover the affected part with a clean cloth before going to the hospital.

  3. Consider the use of Topicort which is specifically manufactured to treat radiation burns.  This is applicable from mild to severe radiation burns. It’s a cream-based product that reduces pain and repairs blisters caused by radiation. It’s formulated to address all the discomforts that radiation burns bring to patients. Healing will take place faster when Topicort is applied externally by wiping a small amount on the burned area regularly.

  4. Go for natural treatments when you develop allergies from artificial medications. Blue yarrow oil mixed with water is a good remedy for pain and inflammation. It’s appropriate for first- and second-degree burns caused by radiation. A highly organic alternative is aloe vera. Extracts of freshly cut aloe vera stems will have better effects when cooled for a while before application. Refrigerate them for a short time for best results. Emu oil, Tamanu and curcumin oils are also worth trying.

How to treat radiation burns is not hard, but caution must be exercised when treating radiation burns of another person with cancer. Infections can easily be transferred to the other person if there’s contact through the bodily fluids of the patient. Cleaning burns does not require touching the injuries. Just let water run across it and blot with a clean cloth before applying the medication you decided upon. Hygienic procedures must not be compromised for health reasons. You don’t want to aggravate the problem.   


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