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How to Treat Rosacea Naturally

How to Treat Rosacea Naturally

Rosacea is a skin condition that cannot be taken lightly. People with rosacea experience chronic facial redness because of enlarged blood vessels under the skin. Symptoms may also include recurrent pimples, red bumps filled with pus, and dryness and flakiness of the skin. The condition may also cause the skin to thicken alongside sensations of intense itching, stinging, and burning. In some cases, enlarged noses, irritation in different parts of the body, and blurry vision arise. If you or anyone you know shows these symptoms, this article will show you exactly how to treat rosacea naturally. Here are just a few tried and tested natural methods:

  1. Discover What Triggers Your Rosacea

    The National Rosacea Society conducted a survey of more than a thousand people diagnosed with rosacea and found out that the condition has many common triggers. This included environmental factors, such as wind, sunlight, and allergens; and allergies to marinated meat, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, or cosmetics.

    Take note of what causes your rosacea to flare up so you know what to avoid.

  2.  Use Herbal Remedies

    Try some of these natural remedies and see what works best for you:

    a. Camphor Oil has soothing antimicrobial and analgesic properties for the skin. After washing your face, apply the oil to irritated areas on your skin.

    b.  Green Tea has anti-inflammatory properties, which decrease skin inflammation and redness. Give your skin a green tea soak to lessen the occurrence of symptoms

    c.  Chamomile also has anti-inflammatory properties wherein if you apply it as a cold compress, it will relieve skin inflammations.

    d.  Lavender has antiseptic and inflammatory properties. Soak a cotton ball with lavender oil and apply it gently to your face every day.

  3.  Start Eating Healthy

    Treating rosacea naturally starts from within, so start eating healthy in order to solve the problem at the very root. Avoid foods that contain a lot of sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, and trans fats. Remember your triggers and avoid them as well. Add food with anti-inflammatory properties, such as whole grains and dark leafy greens, to your diet. Inculcate a habit of eating fish three times a week to get a healthy dose of omega-3 fatty acids.

  4. Supplement Your Diet with Probiotics

    Probiotics are a natural remedy for rosacea. They also support the optimal health of your body by creating a balance in digestive flora. Start taking probiotic supplements with plenty of water and most preferably with meals.

  5. Come Up with a Proper Skin Care Regimen

    Wash your face regularly using a gentle facial cleanser. Then, 5 to 10 minutes after, apply any of the herbal remedies mentioned above to relieve any irritation. You can use any of those herbal remedies as a toner or a cream.

  6.  Apply Sunscreen Regularly

    The harsh sun is a major cause of rosacea flare-ups. Be diligent in applying sunscreen daily. Apply it every two hours or as needed to keep your skin protected from UV rays.

  7.  Manage Stress Levels

    Stress can cause a lot of illnesses, and one of them is rosacea. Develop relaxation habits, such as slowing down, getting enough sleep, and taking time to meditate.

These habits can do wonders for your skin, especially in controlling rosacea symptoms. You don’t have to suffer for a very long time with the discomfort that comes with rosacea. With these remedies on how to treat rosacea naturally, you can find relief and solutions to this chronic condition. These holistic remedies help you treat the causes of rosacea in safe and effective ways.  


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