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how to treat scars from burns

how to treat scars from burns

Burns often involve a painful healing process which, more often than not, leaves a scar in the skin. It is important for us to know how to treat scars from burns especially if we recently had one. Here are ways on treating the scar so that we can diminish its visible appearance in the skin. There are many types of burns depending on their severity. The first-degree burns are minor burns that touch only the outer layer of the skin or the epidermis. This can be painful even if it’s a minor burn only. A second-degree burn involves more layers of the skin and has blisters which are usually present along with the redness. Third-degree burns are the most serious burn and destroy the entire layers of skin. This needs proper care to avoid infection since the skin, which is the body’s first line of defense, is already gone. Anyone suffering from this type of burn feels little pain since the nerves are also burned thus they are unable to send a signal to the brain. For both first-degree and second-degree burns, there are various ways in treating the scars from homemade remedies to over-the-counter and even the use of advanced technologies when necessary.

  1. The most used and effective way to treat scars is the pressure bandage method. This method is used for newly burned skin only. Apply pressure to the burned area regularly with the use of the bandage to aid in the prevention of building up new skin cells. The reason you have to prevent new skin cells from forming is to not allow a thickening of the skin which results in the formation of scars. Also, the pressure decreases the chance of inflammation which also leads to scars.

  2. For burns caused by radiation, blue yarrow oil has been used and found effective in treating burns. In two ounces of purified water, add three drops of oil and mix well. Let it settle for a few minutes then apply to the affected areas. This will soothe the skin and minimize inflammation.

  3. Vitamins have always been known for aiding our skin to keep it healthy.  During the healing process for the burned area, you can apply topically vitamin K to aid in the reduction of scars. You may also take vitamin K orally or eat foods rich in this nutrient.

  4. Applications of crushed papaya have been used recently to aid in getting rid of dead cells. This will subsequently hinder any build-up causing the scarring on the skin. It is believed that papaya has enzymes to aid in removing dead cells.

  5. The use of vitamin E oil and aloe vera gel is believed to help in the fast regeneration of new skin cells.  Just apply regularly to the affected areas, and it will heal quickly. Continue using to aid in lightening the scar if there is one.

  6. For fresh scars, using olive oil and coconut oil helps lighten scars. Doing this regularly, will eventually, make the scar less and less visible. For an old scar, you can use lime juice to aid in lightening the area. Just make sure that the wound is completely healed.

  7. There are also several fatty ointments available. You can ask your doctor about them, or you can get them over the counter. This ointment helps in decreasing inflammation thus aiding in decreasing the visibility of the scar.

  8. You can also use a silicone sheet which softens the skin and applies pressure at the same time. These two elements will aid in treating the scar making it less visible. You can buy this over the counter and follow the directions in using it. When unsure, always ask your doctor.

  9. For a more evident scar, especially if it developed to be a raised scar, steroid injections can help in making the scar less visible by breaking down scar tissue. This should be performed by a professional and licensed doctor.

  10. The last is the use of surgery and other laser treatment options. Most include surgery such as skin grafting. These are usually done for third-degree burns. Doctors are the ones performing these procedures, and they are also the ones to recommend them.

As long as your burn is a minor one, you can diminish those possible scars from showing if you know how to treat scars from burns. As long as you do it regularly, you will then see improvements.


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