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how to treat third-degree burns

how to treat third-degree burns

Bear in mind that third-degree burns are the most serious of all burns. A third-degree burn has reached all three layers of skin. The internal burns will be difficult to heal because of their depth. Only the edges can be seen healing. Skin grafting must be done to minimize scars. Clothing on fire, immersion in hot water, contact with flames, hot objects, electricity, and corrosive chemicals can cause third-degree burns. How to treat third-degree burns is something that must be taken seriously. You can determine third-degree burns by observing the symptoms. The skin has turned white, or it may be black and leathery. The burned area will not hurt much, but there will be excruciating pain in the surrounding areas. Proper care must be administered to third-degree burns not to worsen the damage caused by infection. These guidelines will be vital in facilitating initial treatments:

  1. Look for signs of shock like a decreased level of consciousness; rapid, shallow breathing; faint, rapid pulse; nausea sometimes followed by vomiting.

    Medical help must be called immediately after detecting that the victim is in shock. Never move the person unless you have to. Lying on their side will prevent choking in case of vomiting. Make the patient as calm as possible.

  2. Apply cold compresses immediately after being burned to help relieve pain and swelling. Do not put ice on a burn as this can damage the skin. You can immerse the burned area in cold water or apply cold, moist cloths briefly to bring the body temperature back to normal.

  3. Cut off clothes that are soaked in hot oil or hot water. Never try to remove clothes that have been burned into the skin. They must only be removed by a medical professional. Stop the person from running when the clothes are burning. It will oxidize the flame and will cause more damages. Wrap them in a blanket and roll the person on the ground to extinguish the flame.

  4. Remove shoes and jewelry on a burned part of the body. It will be impossible to remove them when swelling is already substantial. Raise the affected feet or arm higher than the heart unless having problems breathing or experiencing severe pain. However, keep the head and shoulders raised slightly if the person is burned on the neck or face or is having trouble breathing

  5. Avoid applying ointments or greases to burns. Cover the burned area with a clean, dry towel or sheet if the burn is severe to protect the burn from bacteria during transport. Loose bandages will also be ideal. Wrap the person loosely in a clean sheet or blanket if the burned area is extensive.

  6. Do not break blisters. Blisters that open on their own can have an application of antibiotic ointment and covered with a dry dressing. Acetaminophen for pain can be given to the patient.

  7. Prohibit emergency patients from drinking anything. Just moisten the lips of victims who are in shock to prevent vomiting. Non-emergency cases can have a sip of liquid. Alcohol should not ever be given in this kind of situation.

There are more pointers on how to treat third-degree burns depending on what caused them. In case of chemical burns, brush the dry chemicals off the skin if large amounts of water are not available. Small amounts of water will activate some chemicals. Be careful not to get any of the chemicals in the eyes. Electrical burns may appear to cause minor damage, but it can extend deeply into tissues beneath the skin. Only a medical practitioner should handle these types of cases. Constructive surgery can be performed to repair scars by a medical plastic surgeon as part of the healing process later.


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