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how to treat Type 1 diabetes

how to treat Type 1 diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is often associated with children and young people. However, it can occur at any age, and it is important to know how to treat Type 1 diabetes should you or any of your family members be at risk. It can be passed down in families. So, if one or both parents, grandparents, or immediate family members have it, then be aware that others in the family and the next generations may be at risk as well. It is best to adopt lifestyle changes to accommodate the risk. The cause of Type 1 diabetes is unknown, but it may come from an autoimmune disorder. This means that some trigger causes the autoimmune system of the body to attack pancreatic cells responsible for making insulin. When insulin is low, it is because the beta cells in the pancreas producing little or no insulin.  This means that blood sugar (glucose) is not efficiently moved into cells in the body that store it to be used for energy. Glucose accumulates in the bloodstream instead of being stored in cells, and the body is unable to use it. Symptoms of type 1 diabetes stem from this condition. How is type 1 diabetes treated?

  1. Recognize that you are primarily responsible for your health.

    /strong> Get as well informed as possible about your condition. Find a health care provider you can trust and are comfortable with, and be open with him or her about how you feel and the form of treatment you want to pursue. Follow your program of medication, blood tests, insulin injections, doctor’s visits, and diet and exercise. Learn how to detect and treat symptoms of low- and high- blood sugar (hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia).

  2. That said, make sure your immediate family members or people who share your living space are aware of your condition and know what to do in case of an emergency.

  3. Be careful about your diet. Your health care provider will educate you about your nutritional needs and restrictions. It is to your best interest to observe this carefully. Try to eat regular meals on or at about the same time everyday, with the same kind of food, so that your blood sugar will keep to an even level.

  4. Exercise regularly. Exercise will help control your blood sugar, increase your strength, and boost your immune system. It will also help keep down your weight (a must for diabetics!) and give you an overall feeling of well being. However, you need to carefully monitor your blood sugar level in the course of intense physical activity. Ask advice from your health care provider before embarking on an exercise regimen.

  5. Learn how to manage your blood sugar and monitor it regularly. Your health care provider will advise you on how best to do this, using a glucometer to read blood sugar levels. Keep a record of your blood sugar and check it at about the same time everyday. Carefully follow instructions on how to stabilize your blood sugar.

  6. Watch your feet. Diabetes damages your blood vessels and nerves, causing you to lose some feeling in your feet. Without proper foot care, your feet could get wounded and infected without you even noticing. Inspect your feet daily and be extra vigilant about foot care. Do not ignore or neglect any wound or injury. See your health care provider at least twice a year and have your feet inspected for nerve damage.

With proper care and treatment, diabetes can be managed to help you maintain a reasonably good lifestyle. Be mindful of your health and well-being. Educate yourself and your family and housemates on how to treat Type 1 diabetes. This way, you take some degree of control over your condition.


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