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how to treat type 2 diabetes

how to treat type 2 diabetes

Diabetes is increasingly becoming a widespread condition around the world, especially in developed countries. Sedentary lifestyles with little physical activity, the ready availability of food supply, excess weight and other predisposing factors have made it a common malady. It is useful to be aware of how to treat type 2 diabetes should you or anyone close to you develop the condition. Diabetes is a result of the body having problems in producing and using insulin. Insulin is produced by the body’s pancreatic cells. Its purpose is to bring blood sugar, also known as glucose, from the food we eat into cells in our bodies that store the glucose to be used as energy later. When the cells in the body’s fat, liver and muscles do not receive or respond to insulin, you are said to have insulin resistance; this leads to symptoms of diabetes. When cells resist insulin, the glucose that should be stored in the cells builds up in the bloodstream instead and is called hyperglycemia. Having type 2 diabetes does not constitute cessation of your lifestyle as you know it. Although it is serious, careful monitoring of your health and vigilance in controlling your blood sugar will help you maintain a reasonably good life.

ere’s how.

  1. Be knowledgeable about your condition and your limitations. Educate yourself about what you can and cannot do, eat and take. Find a doctor you can trust, especially one you can freely talk with, and be open about your questions and concerns.

  2. Learn how to monitor and manage your blood sugar. Your doctor or health care provider will recommend a glucometer that’s best suited to your needs. A glucometer is a tool that will help you test your blood sugar level yourself. Record the results to document your sugar level and enable your doctor to set goals and modify your medication according to your body’s needs.

  3. Work with your health care provider or a dietician to manage your diet and keep your weight down. Being overweight makes diabetes symptoms worse. Diet will help you manage your diabetes and help control your weight.

  4. Exercise is important for good health. Regular intense physical activity that elevates the heartbeat and speeds up breathing helps to lower blood sugar level without the need for medication. Exercise also helps control weight, increases strength, works muscles and joints, gets blood flowing faster, boosts energy and makes you feel good overall. It has benefits more than just managing your condition.

  5. Carefully observe the medication schedule and checkups. On top of medication to manage your diabetes, you may also need to take insulin shots. Be vigilant about taking your medication in the correct dosage and at the times required. You should have regular tests to check your hemoglobin, blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Have your kidneys and eyes examined at least yearly. Also make sure to have your feet checked twice a year to find out if you have nerve damage.

  6. Never ignore or neglect any wounds or injuries, particularly on your feet. Examine your feet closely for wounds every night, because feet are susceptible to nerve damage and you may already have an infection without knowing it.

Carefully managing your health will give you better control of your life and enable you to live long and productive years. By managing your health, you will avoid more drastic measures such as bariatric surgery. You need only to know and carefully follow these important steps on how to treat type 2 diabetes, and you can continue to enhance and enjoy your life.


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