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How to Treat Yeast Infection in Dogs

How to Treat Yeast Infection in Dogs

Yeast is a fungal infection that can affect humans as well as dogs. The gloomy conditions inside the dog’s ears are conducive to yeast infection. So if you have a pet dog, you should learn how to treat yeast infection in dogs. This will save you from spending more on veterinary bills: You can take the necessary precautions and you will have the ability to treat various conditions that your dog can suffer from. You can learn more about this by reading the information below:

  1. Know the symptoms of yeast infection. Behavioral change in your dog is one thing to look for. The dog’s desperate actions of scratching its itchy ears include its efforts to rub its head against any furniture edges or against the rough surface of the floor. These actions are undoubtedly caused by yeast infection. Physical evidence such as the presence of solidified crusts around the entrance of the ear canal is an indication that the dog has developed some discharge. Redness and inflammation are other clear signs that your dog is in a lot of discomfort.

  2. Do not leave your dog’s yeast infection untreated.

    ek the services of the nearest veterinarian for immediate treatment. This will prevent your dog from damaging its ear drums and destroying your belongings. Also, pay more attention to your dog’s health. Yeast infection occurs when your dog has been treated with antibiotics, has filthy ears, or has a weak immune system due to poor eating habits.

  3. Proceed with alternative yeast ear infection treatment using natural solutions if visiting the vet is not an option. The important thing is to do it as soon as possible. White vinegar diluted in water can be your flushing agent when you are cleaning your dog’s ears. The vinegar’s acidity level will not tolerate the existence of yeast. Hence, it will curb its growth.

  4. Squirt a minimal amount of the solution into the dog’s ears and distribute it around the internal ear area by giving it a gentle massage around the corresponding external parts. Press a cotton ball on the surface of the ears to absorb the excess wetness. Include this in the dog’s daily grooming routine: Do it at least once daily. When the infection is gone, continue the application weekly for prevention purposes.

  5. Treat the other symptoms of the yeast ear infection. Make use of the healing properties of tea tree oil and rosemary. They can reduce the inflammation of the muscles and disinfect the cuts and scratches caused by intense scratching.

  6. Feed your dog yoghurt. It contains acidophilus, which will impede the growth of yeast internally. You can also purchase it as pills from animal clinics and drug stores but it might be a challenge administering it to your dog.

  7. Nurture your dog with Vitamin C sources by adding fruits and vegetables to its meals. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that can suppress the growth of yeast in the internal system of the dog’s body.

If you are keen in maintaining your dog’s personal hygiene by grooming it and feeding it with healthy foods, you do not have to be bothered with these tips on how to treat yeast infection in dogs. Nevertheless, as a dog owner, it is an advantage knowing what to do should you be confronted with such a situation. It may not happen to your dog but you can always advice a friend who has this kind of dilemma. You’d be surprised that not all dog owners know what to do about their dogs’ yeast infections without the help of a vet.


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