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How to Trim Dog Nails

How to Trim Dog Nails

A healthy, well groomed dog includes having trimmed toenails. Long nails can cause him pain and can also bring infection. However, most dogs are not fond of having their nails trimmed. It is a must for you to learn how to trim dog nails regardless of your dog’s breed, age or sex. Don’t rush things when doing this; it might frighten your dog. Just take it slow and easy when following this grooming routine. Associating this daunting task with the things he loves like a treat, more playtime hours or a new toy can ensure success. Here are a few tips on how you can carefully trim your pet’s nails:

  1. Your dog’s mood and disposition is important. Your dog must be relaxed and comfortable before you should start trimming his toenails. You can attempt on trimming his toenails after a good run or after he has eaten a meal as these are times when he will be too tired to become restless. Comfortably lay him on steady ground like the floor or the table while touching his paws and nails with the clipper.

  2. Slowly yet carefully clip the nails.

    n the dog has relaxed, slowly take one of his paws and pull it towards you. Start trimming his nails with a scissors type clipper or a guillotine type, whichever you are comfortable using. Be careful when doing this because you might hit the part of the skin which is next to the nail. This skin part is called the ‘quick.’ It is very sensitive and may bleed once it is touched with a sharp object like a clipper.

  3. If the dog expresses discomfort, stop immediately. If you touch the quick of your dog and he struggles to get out because of pain, immediately stop what you are doing. You can either go back to slowly touching his paws with care or let him go and resume the clipping on another day.

  4. Accompany trimming time with treats. You will gain the trust of your pet during grooming time when you give him bits and pieces of his favorite treat. Do not give him treats all at once; he might lose interest in keeping still and cooperating with you. Let him have a treat every once in a while or every time a paw is trimmed. The rest of the treats can be rewarded to your lovable pet after the trimming session. Another treat which you can give him after your session is added minutes to playtime with you.

  5. Constantly praise your dog. When your pet has successfully given his full trust and cooperation to you during the entire grooming session, including toenail trimming, you can consider yourself a lucky dog owner. This behavior does not only deserve treats but praises as well. Acknowledge the good work he has done by giving him kind words such as ‘good job’ and ‘great dog’.

Your dog may not like getting his toenails trimmed during the first few times but when you apply what you learn on how to trim dog nails early on and he gets used to it, he will not be as bothered and will eventually enjoy the activity with you.


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