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How to Tweeze Your Eyebrows without Tweezers

How to Tweeze Your Eyebrows without Tweezers

Your brows frame your face and make it look expressive. Changing the shape of these facial assets does a lot for your face. However, the wrong move can also do your appearance no favors. As such, it's important to groom them properly and regularly. But can you do just that without tweezers? Is there are way to know how to tweeze your eyebrows without tweezers? Check out these tips to know the answer:

  1. Tweezing your brows can be uncomfortable and time-consuming. If you want quicker and cleaner results, try cold waxing your brows with a home kit. You can also visit a salon that can do this service for you, although this option is a bit more costly. What happens is that the hair is removed in one quick, deft movement against the direction of your hair's growth while the skin on your brow area is held taut to keep the sticky strip from tugging unnecessarily at your skin and causing discomfort. The advantage of this method is that it takes the longest for hair to grow back, lessening the need for frequent grooming, saving you more time, and minimizing hassle.

    This is best for those with thick, coarse hair as it helps to make the regrowth softer and thinner.

  2. You can also consider shaping your brows with eyebrow scissors, which are smaller versions of conventional clippers. First, run an eyebrow brush over your brows and clip away at wayward hairs. Or, you can draw your brows to a shape that fits your face and features and trim the hairs that are beyond the area included in the drawn brow.

  3. You can also use a razor to shave off wayward hair. You may or may not use shaving cream for this purpose. However, you should ensure the blade you use is clean and new to avoid infection or injury. With this method, however, you can expect the hair to grow back within days. There is also the possibility that you may develop shaving bumps and ingrown hairs as a result. It is recommended that you choose this alternative as a last resort or for beauty “emergencies.”

  4. Threading is another tweezerless option that you can use. This involves removing multiple hairs in one go from the roots, a process that is very similar to tweezing. This gives your brow a more detailed and natural definition. Plus, it can be done faster than manual plucking. However, this is a procedure that is best done by an aesthetician, as it takes time and much practice to master the technique. What happens is that the aesthetician twists a clean strand of cotton thread around a small clump of hairs like a lasso and pulls it sharply in the same direction as the hair growth to remove the strands right at the roots. This can be completed in about two to four minutes, and it will take longer for your brow hairs to grow back.

  5. If your budget allows it, you can have a dermatologist attend to your brow grooming needs with a process called electrolysis, which involves introducing an electrical current to the hair follicle to kill it and have the stray hair fall out. This may be costly, and it requires repeat visits. However, the results are generally permanent.

If you are going to wax or have your brows threaded, among other how to tweeze your eyebrows without tweezers tips, it may help to press something cold to your brows prior to the procedure to lessen the ouch factor. If you are particularly sensitive to pain, try using a numbing gel, which you can easily get at a drug store for an affordable price.


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