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How to Understand Cats

How to Understand Cats

Keeping cats as household pets makes it important for us to know how to understand cats in general. They are not difficult to live with as they are sensitive and lovable animals. They are trainable and can be disciplined too. Before acquiring your new pets, it is best to be prepared mentally and emotionally.  To make it easy for you, consider the following suggestions:

  1. Allow sufficient time for your cat to feel relaxed with its new home or environment. Usually, it takes a few weeks for it to settle down and feel at home. Take your time. There’s no need to rush - as this will just make the cat afraid and nervous. Just make sure you are around it more often so it gets used to your presence also.

  2. Always try to talk to your cat. Make it get used to your voice and try to speak in a subtle way and moderate volume. Talking in a rush and in a loud voice can give the cat the impression that you are mad at it, triggering nervousness and fear. They will also tend to go away. Remember that cats are very sensitive pets and your cat can easily pick up your emotions, especially when you are its constant companion.


  3. Observe your cat’s body language. As cats don’t speak, a lot is said through their body language. You can easily determine when they are happy, sad, scared, anxious or playful. When a cat is happy, it tends to relax its muscles, its eyes are usually droopy and it likes to wag its tail in a slow paced manner. When it is scared or nervous, it has a tendency to open its eyes really wide. Muscles are tense and the head is slightly pushed, curling its neck as if it is ready to run away.

  4. Do the feeding yourself regularly. Cats will be friendly and relaxed around you when you are the one giving their food. Your cat will be dependent on you for its subsistence. It won’t fear the one feeding it; instead, it will learn to trust you. When you have won its trust and attention, it will readily greet you with a “meow” when it sees you approaching. Let its body rub against your legs or maybe accommodate it when it jumps on your lap when you are sitting down – it’s the cat’s way of returning the favor.

  5. To further equip you with ideas, gain access to reading materials pertaining to raising cats and their general behavior. You can go online and search for these topics or you can talk to your veterinarian. You will be surprised by how many ways cats are similar to humans and how capable they are of reciprocating affection.

How to understand cats requires some patience, time and effort. Do things naturally and on a daily basis. Almost always, this becomes a hobby as your cat continues to live with you. They make great household pets as they are very meek and adorable. Most cats are easy to train too. Their most significant contribution will be that they keep the rats and other pests away.


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