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How to Unlock iPhone 3GS

How to Unlock iPhone 3GS

If knowing how to unlock iPhone 3GS is all that keeps you from enjoying your gadget to the fullest, then fret no more. Your iPhone may be locked with a service provider to keep you tied to one company for a long time to come. But nothing could be easier than unlocking the iPhone 3GS. The US Library of Congress has deemed doing so fair use; therefore, it is entirely free and legal. Be aware, though, that this could void your phone’s warranty, so do this at your own risk. Please realize that if you unlock or jailbreak your iPhone with blackra1n, the phone will henceforth need to be “tethered”—that is, you have to plug it into your computer and activate blackra1n each time you turn your iPhone on or off. For this particular procedure to work, you will need an internet connection. So be sure you have a stable signal before proceeding. Following these steps will unlock your iPhone.

  1. On your desktop, download the software Blackra1n. You can find it online on their website, “blackra1n.com”; note it has the numeral “1”, not the letter “i”.

    for “blackrain” may take you to a website that charges a fee to download the software, but it is actually free.

  2. When the download is completed, plug the iPhone into the computer using the accompanying cable. Do not sync the iPhone with iTunes, as you won’t need it to run the program.

  3. Double click on the blackra1n software to run it. When it opens, click “Make it rain.” The software will now jailbreak your iPhone. Wait until it’s done. The iPhone will reboot and show a message that the jailbreak has been successful. After that, disconnect the cable from the computer. Blackra1n should now be installed on your iPhone.

  4. On your phone, activate the blackra1n software by clicking on the icon that appeared on your iPhone screen. Three programs will appear: “Cydia,” “Rock,” and “Snow.” Click on any of these and follow the instruction to install. For example, select “Cydia,” after that, tap on “Blacksnow” when it shows up. Then “Install.”

  5. When done, reboot your iPhone. Congratulations, you have just unlocked your iPhone. You can now insert any SIM card from any company into your iPhone and use it.

Note on the ruling about the legality of jailbreaking: It is okay to jailbreak the iPhone to be able to use it for another cell phone service provider and install legal freeware and apps (of which there are many) that are not available from Apple’s iTunes store. What is not allowed, however, is jailbreaking in order to install pirated software or apps. In addition to this, although jailbreaking looks fairly easy, it has the potential to damage your iPhone and render it unusable. This has been known to happen. Since the methods for jailbreaking iPhones do not go through the proper and intense scrutiny of Apple, there is no guarantee that the software is indeed safe to use. It may even leave your iPhone vulnerable to common technological headaches like viruses, unstable operation, and holes that allow hackers to access your information. Weigh your options very carefully before deciding to jailbreak your iPhone. Although the benefits from performing a successful jailbreak are many, the potential problem of a failed installation can be fatal to your device if it crashes. The jailbreak voids the warranty, so you can’t bring it in for repairs. Consider these factors very carefully before deciding to follow the steps outlined above on how to unlock iPhone 3Gs.


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