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how to unlock Nokia mobile phones

how to unlock Nokia mobile phones

Technically, cell phones are supposed to function with any service provider as long as there is a valid Subscriber Identity Module card, more commonly known as a SIM card. Some telecommunication groups lock several features on their phones to make sure that their customers are using their network services alone and no other. When you get your cell phone, don’t go directly to the counter to have it unlocked for a fee. Instead, there are several things you can try to learn about how to unlock Nokia mobile phones yourself.

  1. Ask your original network provider. To successfully unlock your Nokia mobile phone, your first option is to call your service provider and verify if it can give you the access code needed for unlocking purposes. If you are a long-time client, one of the privileges you might enjoy is the unlocking of your Nokia phone free of charge. Also, you can tell your service provider that you are moving to another place it currently has no service connection, which means you would need your phone unlocked to allow continuous use of your mobile phone.


  2. Download software. The Internet contains a number of software programs designed to generate mobile phone unlocking codes. Oftentimes, a good software program features an unlocking calculator that can reveal your seven unlocking codes.

    An Internet search will also do by just typing “unlock Nokia mobile phone for free” and then hit the “Search” tab. You will then see various websites offering the kind of service you are looking for. You can do similar searches for other cell phone brands. Generally, software programs for unlocking purposes are free.

  3. Go to www.filefactory.com/file/351822a. This is where you can get the basic file factory for free. In the screen you will notice there is TUGA-GSM.com on top. Key in the mobile phone brand (in this case, Nokia), its model, the country where you are located, the network provider, and then click the “Calculate” box so you can see the corresponding code for your cell phone.

  4. Get your IMEI serial number. You can find the serial number underneath your mobile phone after you have removed the battery. If there is no serial number, replace the battery and turn the cell phone back on. Then press *#06# and you can automatically see the IMEI serial number of your Nokia cell phone.

  5. Type in all characters generated in the software program. This time, you have to carefully follow the instructions provided in the software program to successfully unlock your Nokia phone. All symbols must be entered correctly. To get the + character, press the * symbol twice; to get the p character, press the * symbol three times; and to get the w character, press the * symbol four times. If there are character spaces provided in the code, disregard them.

  6. Enter the first code. If you are using MCC+MNC as your specific first code, this should unlock your Nokia mobile phone. If it fails, then proceed to using the “7” code designed for multi-locking purposes.

  7. Wait for the notice signifying the success of the process. Usually, after you keyed in all the needed data, you will instantly see a message on the screen of the mobile phone saying either “restriction off” or maybe “SIM not restricted.”

    To complete the unlocking process for Nokia mobile phones, you have to try doing it at least five times. If even after that you still see the screen saying “cannot undo restriction” that means your phone is “hardly locked” and you need another type of unlocking tool other than the software program you got from the Internet.

  8. If successful, power off your Nokia mobile phone. You don’t need to remove the battery this time. Just hold down first the “3” key and then the “Call” key so you can power on the phone again. Hold both keys until the screen says “Formatting,” which means you are about to remove whatever lock code is incorporated in your mobile phone.

Now that you are aware of the necessary steps for how to unlock Nokia mobile phones, you can try to unlock the mobile phones of your friends. You can save your friends money just like you saved yourself by sidestepping the need to pay a professional to unlock your Nokia mobile phone for you.


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