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how to unlock SIM cards

how to unlock SIM cards

A cell phone cannot be fully operational without a SIM card. The Subscriber Identity Module, or SIM, acts as the main brain of the cell phone while, at the same time, representing your network service provider. This thin piece of hard plastic is loaded with a micro-chip that only operates once inserted into a cell phone. Once your SIM card is locked, perhaps due to a security error, it becomes necessary to learn how to unlock SIM cards. Your unlocked SIM card and your unlocked cell phone combine together so you can make and receive calls, send and receive SMS messages, and make use of the other cell phone applications. Every SIM card has a built-in security system designed to safeguard your personal information. A series of incorrect entries of your PIN Code can result in a locked SIM card. Once this happens, you need to follow the following steps to get your SIM working again.

  1. Differentiate locked SIM and locked phone. These are two different things. On one hand, the SIM contains your personal information and your connection with your network service provider so that you can freely use your cell phone.

    Once your SIM is locked, you can no longer access your SIM card and, in effect, you cannot use the services of your network provider.

    On the other hand, the cell phone itself can also be locked and unlocked. The corresponding Security Code or PIN Code is needed in order to unlock your cell phone. To lock your phone, you usually just press the “Menu” key and then press simultaneously the (*) key. When the phone is locked, you can’t access the activities of your cell phone nor can you use any of its features.

    To unlock your phone, press the “Unlock” key and then press simultaneously the (*) key to reveal a message asking you either to “Enter PIN Code” or “Enter Security Code.”

  2. Differentiate PIN Code and PUK Code. In addition, these two concepts are not the same. The PIN Code is essentially the Security Code for your cell phone. It is you who designates your PIN Code. The PIN Unlock Key (PUK) Code, on the other hand, is provided by your network service provider.

    Often, the very common default PIN Codes are, 1234 and 1111. Whenever your phone is locked and you have entered an incorrect PIN Code several times, so that you see the message “Code Invalid”, it is likely to lead to a locked SIM card, usually after the third attempt.

  3. Call your network service provider. Your SIM card represents your network service provider. Call your service provider and give them your mobile phone number.  Clearly verify the details of your account until you obtain your PIN Unlock Key Code. Once you have the PUK Code, write it down somewhere safe and do not forget it.

  4. Type in your PUK Code. Turn on your cell phone and input your PIN Unlock Key Code. Before pressing the “OK” key, check the code once again to ensure that you have entered the correct keys. Then press “OK” to successfully unlock your SIM card.

  5. Input your PIN Code. Just follow the instructions given to you and re-type your PIN Code when needed and press the “OK” key. After this procedure, your SIM is now unlocked.

The SIM card is a versatile piece of electronic micro-technology. It contains important information such as phone numbers, contact names, and other details pertaining to your cell phone account. No matter which mobile phone model you will be using, as long as such phone is not locked exclusively to a particular network provider, your unlocked SIM card will surely work on it once inserted correctly. Once your SIM becomes locked, you have two available choices – buy a new SIM card or get your PIN Unlock Key Code from your network service provider as illustrated in the above steps. With all this information in mind on how to unlock SIM cards in the easiest way, you should be able to solve the security code problem of your cell phone. Also, share with your family members, classmates, officemates, and friends what we have just talked about so they can manage to unlock their faulty SIM cards too.


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