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how to upgrade computer ram

how to upgrade computer ram

There is nothing so frustrating than doing some time-consuming tasks on your computer that were never a problem when you first bought it. Let’s face it. Even if you do not intend to fill up your computer’s memory, software downloads can take up a majority of the space when you’re trying to upgrade the system to aid you with the surging demands of your work. The loss of speed can be traced back to the memory. Do something as soon as your computer slows down even if you have not completely filled up your memory capacity. This is how to upgrade computer ram:

  1. Determine the kind of memory your computer needs and how much. You should be able to find the complete specifications of your computer through the motherboard manual. If not, check the manufacturer’s site for your computer model. Double your memory by adding another memory chip if there’s a DIMM slot available. A replacement may be needed for a higher RAM capacity when all slots are filled. It is also important to know the kind of memory you have:  DDR, DDR2, or DDR3 memory.

    lot must be filled with the same kind of memory chip.

  2. Note the following specifications: first, the speed of the RAM which is usually 60 nanoseconds. Secondly, check if the computer uses single in-line memory modules, SIMMs or dual in-line memory modules,  DIMMs. Thirdly, determine the computer usage whether FPM, EDO, or Synch DRAM. Sum up all these requirements by noting the number of pins on the motherboard: 30, 72, or 168 are the options.

  3. Open the framework of your computer. Look for parallel sockets on the main circuit board. DIMM slots are smaller than others. Usually, only one or two of these sockets contain RAM. It is a ruler-shaped circuit board with chips on one or both sides. You can actually find up to eight slots in your computer, but remember the distinguishing features of the DIMM sockets to avoid wrong assumptions. This will definitely affect your choice for the upgrade method.

  4. Purchase the additional RAM based on your noted specifications and required upgrade. You can buy from computer retail shops or it’s sometimes better go to the manufacturer’s outlets for further consultations. They will know more about how to go about the alternative upgrade when replacing existing RAM instead of just adding one more or whatever works best for the given scenario.

Random access memory, or RAM, is the place in a computer where the operating system, application programs, and data in current use are kept so that they can be quickly reached by the computer's processor. RAM is much faster to read from and write to than the other kinds of computer storage devices like the hard disk, floppy disk, and CD-ROM. However, the data in RAM stays there only as long as your computer is running. When you turn the computer off, RAM loses its data. Your operating system and other files are once again loaded into RAM usually from your hard drive when the computer is turned on again. How to upgrade computer RAM needs lots of checking. Do not skip finding out how much memory you actually have. Point your cursor to the "My Computer" icon on your desktop, right-click, and choose “Properties.” This procedure is slightly different in Windows Vista and Windows 7 where you will have to click on the “Windows” icon in the bottom left of your screen and then right-click on "Computer." A window will flash containing information about your system. This includes how much memory you have on your processor which is all part of the process that is important to determine when upgrading computer RAM.


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