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How to Use a Bobby Pin

How to Use a Bobby Pin

Are you aware that bobby pins are frequently used the wrong way? If you are placing the wavy side of the pin up, then you are one of the faulty users! According to hair experts, the flat side of the pin should be on top of the hair and the wavy side should rest underneath to hold the gripped hair. Here are some tips on how to use a bobby pin for your guidance:

  1. Choose the right size of bobby pins and the color you prefer for your hair. For thick hair, normal-sized bobby pins will not do. Look for bobby pins with a good grip. The wavy parts of the pins must be spacious to accommodate the hair. These bobby pins are available at the girls’ accessories section of any department store. Pick pins with rubber grips if buying them for thin hair. Light colored pins must be picked for blond and red hair. Brown pins are suitable for brown-toned hair, and black pins are suitable for dark-colored hair.

  2. Store the bobby pins in a rust-free container and place it in front of the mirror so that you can easily grab it when needed.

    Organize the pins according to their sizes and colors. This will save you time when choosing a pin, especially if you are in a rush to get out of the house.

  3. Eliminate the bobby pins with the missing plastic or rubber coat tips from your collection. The missing bits are not merely decorations. They primarily serve as protection to prevent the sharp pins from pinching your scalp accidentally. Getting rid of tip-less pins right away can help prevent accidents.

  4. Always have hairspray handy to help keep the fly-away hair and baby hair in place.

  5. Look at yourself in the mirror when choosing the hairstyle for the day. Also, make sure you dry your hair using a hair drier after washing it. This will make it easier to manage and keep neat. Brush your hair thoroughly if you want it flat and tangle-free. You can also tease some parts of your hair to elevate it. You can do this in the area right above your forehead or all over if you want to add volume to your limp hair.

  6. Style your hair neatly. Take hold of the hair portions that are swaying right in front of your face. Separate them to the right and left sides. Tuck the ones on the right side behind your right ear and the ones on your left side behind your left ear. You can open a bobby pin slightly using your thumb and forefinger.

  7. Insert the bobby pin into the tucked hair at the right side. The hair must be within the fastener of the pin to keep it in place. Remember that the wavy side of the pin must be positioned underneath to take firm hold of the hair. It must also be pinned closely to the hair roots to be stable.

  8. Use another pin if the first one isn’t enough to stabilize your hair. You can either insert it parallel to the first one or form an X or cross mark with it.

  9. Repeat the same method on the left side or anywhere else you want the hair to be held in place. You can incorporate other kinds of accessories such as beads and ribbons to make your hairstyle more fashionable.

Teach your girls how to use a bobby pin for grooming purposes. In fact, making a habit of including a box of bobby pins inside each of their bags will be helpful should an emergency occur. This is not vanity. It is simply part of preparing them to become ladies.


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