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How to Use a Dog Leash

How to Use a Dog Leash

A dog leash is an accessory that can add comfort to your daily strolls with your dog.  You can settle for a store-bought leash or decide to make your own. You can make or buy different lengths and designs of dog leashes and alter them to suit your pet’s personality or even the time of year. For example, a striking red leash will be a trend for Christmas. Here are important points on how to use a dog leash:

  1. The leash should be comfortable for your dog. It is important that the leash is not too tight as it can really cause your dog some discomfort and pain when you pull it. This can make your dog resist the leash.  If you have to force the leash on, the pet will be depressed and unhappy.

  2. Choose the right length for the right purpose.  For easy control, use a shorter length. If you need it for training, use a 6 foot leash. For tracking, use a much longer leash. The material is also a factor.  The most common leash used nowadays is nylon.  It is strong, not easily soiled yet very affordable.

    her leashes are more expensive, but they allow the owner to show off a bit of style.

  3. Put your dog’s leash on properly.  When pulling your dog, avoid doing it abruptly. If your dog is caught off guard, quickly pulling the leash to another direction can hurt its neck a great deal. Gentle handling is important as it shows your dog that you care for it. If at first your dog resents putting a leash on, reward it with treats or verbal praises (such as “good boy” or “good girl”) when it submits to the leash. The dog will take this as a sign that the master is happy with its cooperation.

  4. When you go walking along the streets, make sure to shorten the length of the leash by rolling it in your hands. This makes it easier to control the dog. Dangers such as speeding cars may require you to react quickly in order to protect your dog. While at the park and other safe places, you can just hold on to the handle of your long leash and allow your pet dog to move around more freely.

  5. When training, it is easier to put your dog on a leash.  You can let it follow you around by pulling on the leash.  It will also get used to being on a leash, so next time you take your pet out, the leash will not be unfamiliar to it. Show your pet that the leash is not meant to suppress its freedom, but protect it from harm when in public places.  Set it free when you are in a safe location like your fenced yard. It is healthy to allow it to run freely at times.

Knowing how to use a dog leash properly is important for pet owners. It should make both you and your pet comfortable.  Using a high quality leash is also important for the strength and comfortable fit.  Experiment with different leashes until you find one that your pet accepts. A gentle but strong leash can be used from time to time, especially during training and when strolling through crowded places. Only use clean dog leashes as sometimes dogs like to chew on them.


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