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How to Use a Shaving Brush

How to Use a Shaving Brush

Nowadays, modern razors have replaced the blade, but well-groomed men still using the shaving brush. It is not simply the cachet of a gentleman; using a shaving brush is better than just using your hands to lather. The brush bristles get under the beard and allows the shaving cream to penetrate, soften the skin, and lift the stubble and ingrown hair for an easier shave. Inversely, lathering with the hand pats down the hair. There are several types of shaving brushes, but those with natural hair are recommended over synthetic hair. The most popular brushes are made of badger hair, which can last for as long as 15 years with proper care. Here’s how to use a shaving brush.

  1. Wash it thoroughly

    A new shaving brush has to be washed completely with warm, soapy water. Be gentle to avoid damaging the bristles, but make sure that it is thoroughly clean. Do not pull on the bristle or push on the base. There might be some bristles that come loose. Do not worry; they are just the bristles that were too short to be glued to the base.

    Flick the brush a couple of times to shake off water. Hang the brush on its holder to let it air dry. The bristles should be pointing down to keep water away from its base. If you do not have a stand, keep it up on its handle instead of putting it down horizontally. You can pat the brush with a towel to accelerate drying. Keep it out in the open to prevent mildew from forming. Do not store it in a closed cupboard or in a travel case while wet.

  2. Wet the brush

    After washing your face, wet the brush with warm water and shake off the excess. Put or spray some shaving cream on the tip of the brush and gently spread it around with your fingers. Alternatively, you can dip and rotate the brush in a bowl of shaving cream. If soap is your choice, run the brush on its wet surface in a clockwise fashion. It will create a lather that sticks to the brush.

  3. Lather

    Lather your face in circular motions with the brush. You can add a little hot water if you like, but too much water will reduce the lather to a white slime. While the brush can help exfoliate and lift ingrown hair, apply a gentle pressure so that the bristles do not splay apart, break, or fold. The clockwise motion of lathering ensures that every hair strand is well-lathered and rises from the skin.

  4. Shave

    Place the brush back down on any clean surface standing up so the shaving cream on it stays clean. Shave as usual. If you need to, apply shaving cream again using the brush if there are some areas that need additional attention and another pass of the razor.

After shaving by following these steps on how to use a shaving brush, rinse your face thoroughly and apply a post-shave balm to soothe the skin and prevent irritation. Follow step 1 to clean the shaving brush again and store it for later use. If there is buildup of shaving cream or the brush has mildew, soak it in borax, which you can buy from a drug store.


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