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how to use an AED

how to use an AED

Not knowing how to use an AED is a pity because it increases a pulse-less person’s chance of survival to almost 70 per cent with the right timing. An “AED” stands for “Automatic External Defibrillators” that are designed to be used by anyone. It is easy to use by just following the instructions from the defibrillator itself. A person having a sudden cardiac arrest will benefit greatly when an AED is administered not more than five minutes after the person collapsed. The heart rhythm of the victim will be analysed by the AED. It will restore its normal rhythm through an electric shock. The shock will not take effect when the shock is not needed. Like when the heart’s status is in VT, or ventricular tachycardia, nerve impulses are still present from the brain. There should be no pulses or the person must be in a ventricular fibrillation state or no pulse at all. Prior to using an AED, CPR must be performed to prevent the lack of oxygen supply that could lead to immediate death. Nerve impulses can return to their normal pattern when an AED is used when giving the patient the shock needed.

st turns the ventricular fibrillation condition of the person involved to the opposite. Though an AED is easy to operate, and you have read the detailed instructions on how to use it, these reasons are still not enough to substitute formal AED training. When confronted with a situation like this without AED training, just follow the actual instructions from the AED that can be heard and seen at the same time. Here are steps on how to use an AED:

  1. Call emergency paramedics using the local number upon seeing a collapsing person. You can also specifically ask another person who happens to be in the area to do it for you while assisting the patient. Shouting the name of the person whom you want to do the calling will eliminate confusion and will give that person concerned the responsibility to call.

  2. Find out if the victim is breathing and check the pulses. Clear the airway by opening the mouth of the person who is lying flat on the ground with the head or chin slightly raised up. Remove any obstructions found in the mouth before starting to perform CPR:  2 breaths followed by at least a 4 cm. deep chest compressions 30 times will be ideal.

  3. Secure an AED when you see one at the scene. CPR must not be interrupted at this point. Ask somebody to continue the CPR while you are quickly sorting out the AED. Chest electrode pads must be applied to the victim while CPR is ongoing. Only when analyzing and shocking are taking place that CPR will be stopped.

  4. Switch the AED on. Listen carefully to the instructions as soon as the machine is turned on. Follow the visual instructions when you have difficulty listening to the voice prompts.

  5. Expose the patient’s bare chest and then attach the electrode pads to the patient. In this kind of situation, male and female patients must be treated the same way. Make sure that the AED cable is connected to the pads and placed exactly the same as the one shown on the visual prompt.

  6. Follow the instructions of the AED religiously. There’s no complicated detail in the instructions. You can also verify from the images shown how to do it for accuracy.

So far, there’s no strict policy on how to use an AED, but it is important to remember that AEDs should not be used on babies less than one year old. You also can’t make use of this machine when pulse rates still exist.


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