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how to use an Albuterol inhaler

how to use an Albuterol inhaler

If you have been wheezing and your doctor is prescribing you an Albuterol inhaler, you should first learn the best ways to use an Albuterol inhaler properly. Albuterol can also alleviate chest tightness and breathing difficulties by clearing air passages by relaxing the muscles around the respiratory track. They make bronchial symptoms more manageable if administered properly. It’s the physician’s duty to make the appropriate prescriptions in terms of dosage and frequencies of the medication, but users also have their own responsibilities. Hygiene and safety in using Albuterol are the two most important factors that users have to be particular about. This is to stay away from unnecessary injuries brought about by innocence or carelessness. Don’t let bad things happen by experimenting. An Albuterol inhaler is formulated for a specific purpose. Use it as such and make the most of your inhaler by following these step-by-step directions and precautions:

  1. Notice the dust cap at the mouthpiece. This is to protect the mouthpiece from dirt so it should be in place when you unpack the inhaler.

    not, clean the mouthpiece thoroughly before using.  It must be clean at all times to avoid being infected with harmful bacteria. The canister must also be attached properly to the mouthpiece to avoid leaks and make sure that you get the right amount needed for your condition.

  2. Priming the inhaler is necessary when it’s new or you have not used it for 14 days. In the event of accidentally dropping it, the inhaler must be primed also. You can do this by shaking the inhaler and spraying four times into the air by pressing the canister. By all means, avoid spraying Albuterol into your eyes. Immediately wash eyes with running water during accidental eye exposure.

  3. Practice breathing through your mouth totally. While the opened mouthpiece is in your mouth, the canister must be facing up in front of you and the mouthpiece is securely attached with it. Tightly fit your lips around the mouthpiece to make sure that you’ll be able to inhale the Albuterol without wasting some. Never entertain conversations during the process because it will defeat the purpose of tightening your lips around the mouthpiece.

  4. Take a deep and slow breath once your lips are tightened around the mouthpiece. Press the container once to release a spray of medication into your mouth. Hold your breath for at least ten seconds before removing the inhaler, and continue to breathe slowly. If your prescription is more than one puff, rest for a minute before repeating the process. Do not take a longer break than one minute because the amount inhaled during the duration may not be enough to give relief.

  5. Record the number of puffs you have already used from one canister to keep track of the usage if there’s no counter that comes with it. One canister should cater to 200 inhalations after which it should not be used anymore even if there’s still remaining medication left. Never alter the counter if there’s one. Refill the canister when “020” shows on the counter following the doctor’s advice or dispose of it when it shows “000” on the counter.

The instructions on the best ways to use an Albuterol inhaler are specified in the package for the inhaler. An Albuterol inhaler comes as a medicine-specific inhaler. It should not be used with any other solutions and vice versa. Never inhale Albuterol near an open fire or devices with high temperatures. An explosion can happen if you’re not careful. Inhalers are pressurized like any sprays so it helps to find a safe place where to administer the treatment.


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