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how to use estrogen cream

how to use estrogen cream

Menopausal women are now very convinced not to take hormone therapy after knowing that they can have greater risks of breast cancer, stroke, and heart disease from it. Clinicians now generally recommend that women take the lowest possible dose of hormones for the shortest period of time. If older women give up hormones, how will their sex life be? How to use estrogen cream has made a mark in saving distressed women. Estrogen creams with natural ingredients and very low estrogen content are now widely available. They are applied directly to the vagina, and relief can be experienced immediately. Many women who were actually taking hormones before are regretting why they have not considered this option a lot earlier. This is not only safe but also pleasant to use. Read through this article to know more.

  1. Find out about the symptoms of menopause and how to go about it when you are of age and think that changes are happening in your body. There are ample pieces of information on this subject on the Internet. There are also books that are written primarily to make you ready for this stage.

    You can also find a wide selection of estrogen creams, but you are cautioned never to self-administer. Get a prescription from your doctor to be sure.

  2. Be aware of the potency levels. Go through the label and read the ingredients before the big purchase. If you see “wild yam, black cohosh, or ginseng,” they are surely helpful to your condition. They are medicinal herbs that are proven to have healing properties. Ginseng is even a very popular aphrodisiac. This is just on top of what it can do to remedy your problems.

  3. Buy only the prescribed estrogen cream with a low dose of estrogen. You can find them from registered pharmacies, health outlets, or even online. Stay away from synthetic estrogens. They will cause you more harm than good.

  4. Follow directions when applying estrogen cream. Do not go beyond the minimal dose prescribed. It cannot speed up or increase its healing power if you increase the dosage. It can only increase the estrogen level which is not good for your health.

  5. Administer the standard dose of 0.625 mg or whatever is prescribed by your doctor using the accompanying applicator. Vaginal products work best if used at bedtime. Fill the applicator with cream from the tube after washing your hands. Insert the applicator into the vagina while lying on your back with your knees bent. Push the applicator's plunger to deliver the cream. The applicator and plunger should be washed with warm, soapy water and rinsed with plain water after every use. Your hands should be washed before and after use. Apply a small amount of cream to the outer skin folds or "lips" of the vagina or vulvae to relieve external dryness or irritation.

  6. Notice if the problem of vaginal dryness has been relieved. Be observant also with the increased sensitivity in the vaginal area. These are the obvious improvements that you can determine on your own.

Vaginal dryness will surely cause a problem in your marriage if you let go of yourself. Once this problem is eliminated by using estrogen creams, you should never allow those undesirable menopausal symptoms to come back. You might belong to a generation when sex was considered a taboo subject.  However, if you have a spouse and are still sexually active regardless of how old you are, you can still gear yourself up for a very satisfying sex life. How to use estrogen cream should not be hidden but understood to ease the pain of many suffering women.


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