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how to use exercise bands

how to use exercise bands

When you learn how to use exercise bands, you will see that they are really fun because there is always something rare and new that you can discover by using them. An exercise band is essentially a portable workout tool that is a lot cheaper and suitable for all ages, young and adult, male and female. It is a simple device that can significantly develop your muscle and strength and can work muscle groups all over the body. It is capable of providing invariable degree of tension. As it can be used anywhere, you don’t need to go to the gym to use one. Whether you are at home, in transit, or in your work place, maximize the use of your exercise band. Below are some tips.

  1. Think of your safety first before anything else. Understand that exercise bands can be dangerous in a way if they are not handled properly. There are cases in which they can cause injury on account of their elasticity. In case you are do know what to do with it, go back to the basics of using free weights. The only notable difference is how you position it.


  2. Biceps building. A band utilized with arm curls is really good for building biceps. So far, this is the easiest exercise you can do with an exercise band. Step on the band with your right foot, grab both ends with your hand, and pull upward to do a curl. As you progress, increase the challenge by stepping on the band with your feet together and do the same thing. Slowly, place your feet apart so it becomes harder and harder to do a curl.

  3. Triceps extension building. This is the same as No. 2, but you do a triceps extension instead. Raise your arm straight up and bend it back toward your head. Grab both ends with your hand and extend up to work your triceps.

  4. Chest presses. Look for a strong post and wrap your band around it. Place both ends in each hand and pull forward while both arms stay parallel to the floor at chest level.

  5. Squats. Go back to position No. 2 with your feet on the exercise band. Slowly bend both knees into a squat. You’re your arms bent and the ends of the band in both hands as if you are lifting a bar up. Then stand up straight and continue doing squats.

  6. Work your butt. Start by wrapping the exercise band on either foot; let’s say the left foot. Gradually raise your leg until it reaches shoulder level at most. Hold your position for a moment and then release your body by slowly putting down your left leg. Do the same with your right leg.

All that we have identified are just a few of the motions you can do with your exercise bands. The truth is that you can experiment and discover more moves, but always be prudent and take care to not injure yourself. Depending on your level, you can choose either a light, medium-strength, or heavy-strength band. Also, exercise bands come in different colors so pick one you like. As you continue learning how to use exercise bands, you will discover its versatility. You may end up bringing your band wherever you go!


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