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How to Use Frequent Flyer Miles

How to Use Frequent Flyer Miles

Being a jetsetter sure does have its perks. You get to travel to different places and, at the same time, meet a whole bunch of people you would not have otherwise met if you were not a traveller. Aside from learning new things, those who frequently fly to different places accumulate flyer miles, which are points that you get depending on the distance that you cover every time you travel. This is like a loyalty reward that you get if you subscribe to one airline. Once you accumulate a certain number of points, you can exchange these for various goods and services, such as free trips to places you have never been before. For you to be able to get the most out of your points, here are four suggestions for how to use frequent flyer miles to your advantage:

  1. Keep your account active. Most people waste the miles they earn by not using their account for really long period of time, thinking that their miles have already expired. You should not let your miles go to waste because these only expire when you do not use your account for more than a year.

    Using your account does not necessarily mean traveling all the time. You can use your account to join mailing lists and complete surveys, or even transfer miles from one to another account. All these transactions will keep your account active, thus not wasting the miles that you have earned.

  2. Do not claim low-value rewards. You might be tempted to redeem rewards that are offered for accumulating a certain number of miles. Although these things may be useful, try to save up for the real deals and do not fall into the trap of getting the low-value redemptions. Instead, choose the “saver” deals since they give you discounts on otherwise very expensive deals. These will really help you save money and will be of good use for your hard-earned miles. However, if you are not really targeting the elite status and are just an occasional jetsetter, then you can redeem the non-travel rewards that best suit what you need.

  3. Choose a reputable frequent flyer program. There are things that you need to consider in selecting which program you should sign up for. One is to know what other customers are saying about the program. If you keep on encountering satisfied clients, then that frequent flyer program might be worth signing up for. You can look for these ratings from surveys and reviews. Another thing that you need to consider is that you should choose an airline that has flights to the places you frequently travel to. You also need to familiarize yourself with the rules of your chosen program. This includes knowing the restrictions, such as blackout dates and seat availability.

  4. Consider the airline alliances. Airline alliances are two or more airlines that have business partnerships and whose goal is to provide seamless travel to its clients. For example, the American Airlines is partnered with British Airways so that they can offer wide travel coverage, and also carry their passengers to almost any place in the world using only those that carry their flagships. The effect of these alliances on your miles is that you can earn miles no matter which airline you use, as long as they are part of the alliance. Therefore, it is important to choose an airline that has a global alliance so that you can earn miles wherever you go.

Remember that the best way to earn frequent flyer miles is through going on international trips. In turn, if you know how to use frequent flyer miles, you get the chance to visit other foreign, yet pretty expensive places, such as Easter Island and Brunei in Asia.


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