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how to use iron on transfer paper

how to use iron on transfer paper

If you want to be creative with your T-shirts and other garments by adding beautiful designs, interesting phrases, or unique images, the best way to do it is to learn how to use iron on transfer paper. It is not only fun but also inexpensive and real easy. Moreover, it’s a great way to customize your apparel. Here is how:

  1. Prepare the materials you need. You will need an iron, regular-size iron-on transfer paper, and a plain T-shirt, preferably white for the first attempt. Also, get your ironing board or any flat surface covered with a thick cottony towel. For the images, you will need a color-inkjet printer or a laser printer.

  2. Use the right type of iron-on paper. The importance of the paper type has more to do with the printer you have at hand. If you are using a laser printer, then the kind of iron-on paper you will use is different from the paper-type intended for inkjet printer. For the paper size, using either 8 ½ x 11 or 8 ½ x 14 is good since both are standard paper sizes used in most printers.


    Iron-on paper is grouped into different colors and the color-type you will use will depend on the apparel you have. Dark-colored clothing will need a specialized kind of iron-on paper, and the same is true for light-colored clothing. Read the instructions on the iron-on transfer paper label before purchasing.

  3. Choose the image, phrase, or design you want to iron onto your garment. You can find numerous free clip-art on the web. You can also opt to upload your image into the computer and add text to it.

    Remember, you need to “flip” your chosen design before printing. You may also want to “edit” and “reverse” the design and then “mirror image” or “preview” it to make sure you achieve the design in the orientation you want.

  4. Get ready for printing. Load the iron-on transfer paper into the printer. Make sure it is fed correctly. Note that the “backside” of the iron-paper will be the side you iron on while the opposite side contains the design to be transferred onto your T-shirt. After printing the image, allow the iron-on paper to dry completely before ironing it.

  5. Pre-heat the iron and prepare the ironing board. While the iron-on paper is drying, set the iron to a setting appropriate for the T-shirt fabric. Iron it to remove any excess moisture and wrinkles. Do not use any steam while ironing. If the iron has water in it, drain it first before ironing. Some people do not use an ironing board because, according to them, it absorbs heat rather than conducting it. If you’d like, you can place another board that conducts heat on top of your ironing board.

  6. Check the dry iron-on transfer paper to see if it needs trimming. To avoid bleeding, leave sufficient space all around the image.

  7. Place the iron-on transfer paper onto the T-shirt and start ironing. Start smoothing out the surface with a circular movement for 20 seconds in every direction. Usually, you will need at least 3 passes in one direction to make sure that you have done the ironing correctly.

  8. To achieve a satin-finish, you can remove the paper right after ironing. Be careful not to burn your hands. If you want a glossy-finish, then allow the transfer paper to cool down completely before removing the paper.

Check your product. Follow the steps above on how to use iron on transfer paper to keep making more custom clothing. Create different designs perfect for you or friends and family.


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