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How to Use Lawn Fertilizer

How to Use Lawn Fertilizer

An important tool to help make the growth of your plants consistent and vibrant is to apply fertilizers on your lawn. Fertilizers are organic or inorganic materials that add nutrients to your soil. However, you have to be careful when using and applying fertilizer to your lawn as it could help make or break your soil. Putting the right amount of fertilizer into the lawn is only part and parcel of the things you need to know on how to use lawn fertilizer efficiently and effectively. The best sources of information on the appropriate kind of fertilizer and how to use them are vast and varied. They may come in the form of a farmer or gardener at the local nursery or the Internet. You just need a few researching skills and you can go a long way in fattening your soil with fertilizers. Here are some guidelines you need to know about using lawn fertilizers:

  1. Know when to apply fertilizers. First of all, let your lawn grow up before applying fertilizer. Give the grass time to mature and mow it once or twice until the appropriate time comes when you need to apply fertilizer.

    Apply the fertilizer onto your lawn at least once during the growing season. Once a year application is good enough for your turf to grow. Put on a winter formula as the fall season starts if your grass needs it.

  2. Choose the appropriate kind of fertilizers. Before purchasing fertilizer for your lawn from the local nursery, ask questions and do research on the kind of fertilizer your lawn will benefit from. Check the labels found on the bags of fertilizers and see if the kind of turf grass you have will respond positively to the mixture. If your seed or sod lawn is at a young age, it is better to use the ‘new lawn’ or ‘starter’ formulas so that the soil may thicken in its first season. For established lawns, you can use slow-release granular and complete fertilizers because they carry with them a consistent supply of nutrients.

  3. Use a fertilizer spreader. To help you spread the fertilizer evenly upon the vast soil, you will need a fertilizer spreader, which you can get at the local nursery. Make sure that you read all the instructions and know how to operate the spreader before using it. Make a pattern that covers each area of the lawn by walking behind the spreader at a good pace. You also have to remember that water-soluble lawn fertilizers do not last long in the soil. Apply it onto the lawn as directed by the label and avoid overfeeding by spraying the lawn with caution only once.

Some of the useful reminders you need to remember on how to use lawn fertilizer are easy to learn. Fertilizers are usually composed of 20 percent nitrogen, 5 percent phosphorous and 10 percent potassium, while the rest of the percentage is made up of micro and macro nutrients. Unless your soil asks for it, avoid using fertilizers that only have one ingredient. Make sure that you keep your soil moist because fertilizers may burn a dry soil. Another important pointer you should keep in mind is that you need to apply fertilizers and weed control products separately rather than combine them into one. This will deliver the best results from your grass turf. During a case of spilled fertilizer, flood water over the area because it can burn the turf and other plants. Lastly, wear protective materials such as masks and gloves when dealing with fertilizer because its composition may be harmful to your skin and internal organs.


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