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How to Use Makeup to Look Younger

How to Use Makeup to Look Younger

Let’s accept the fact that people love to look younger than their age. If you know how to use makeup to look younger, you can outsmart everybody. You have to acquire some makeup application skills to do this correctly. For instance, you will need to know how to blend the colors. Make sure you choose the right products and practice using them on your face to see their effects. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Refrain from using powder-based products. Powder settles on the fine lines and absorbs the oil from your face, giving it a cakey finish. Choose liquid foundation instead. Apply it evenly on your face and blend it in using your fingers or a sponge. You can apply a cream-based blusher on your cheeks in upward strokes. This will give them rosiness that powders cannot match. The blusher will blend naturally with the foundation, making it look natural.

  2. Add a little moisturizer with a high SPF level to your face to give it a healthier glow and to protect it from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. These rays have the power to dehydrate your skin and age it faster.

    ou can spread the moisturizer into the surface of your skin using upward strokes with your fingers. It can make your face glow. Age lines, especially wrinkles, are triggered by dry skin. So it makes a big difference when your face is moisturized. At night, do not forget to moisturize your face after cleaning and toning it.

  3. Put on dark mascara as dark lashes accentuate the whites of your eyes and make them look brighter and younger. Enhance your eyebrows by brushing them, and gently put in eyebrow powder to make them look lush and voluminous. Your new set of eyebrows will make you look much younger. Just make sure that they are balanced in shade and shape.

  4. Choose a lighter shade for the lip color. Dark shades emphasize thinning lips. Lighter shades create the impression of fullness. Line your lips and blend using a lip brush. Avoid letting the lip color settle on fine lines. You can apply lip gloss first for added moisture. Repeat the process when you need to retouch.

  5. As much as possible, avoid wearing heavy makeup. It will make you look more mature. Light overall makeup projects a youthful glow. Be careful when putting on foundation. Make sure it blends well with your natural skin or it won’t settle nicely on your face. Practice applying light makeup and don’t be afraid to mix and match the colors available to get the right blend. If you can’t get the right shade of foundation for your skin, try blending a light foundation with darker cover makeup.

Learning how to use makeup to look younger is a skill you can develop by using the right products. You can easily defy age with it and it is also healthy for your skin. Make sure to experiment with different shades and to pick the light shades that best compliment your features. If you wish to look younger, go light, especially on the lipstick and blusher. There is really nothing wrong with growing older, but you can do so gracefully with the help of makeup.


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