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How to Use Megatek to Grow Relaxed Hair

How to Use Megatek to Grow Relaxed Hair

Mega-Tek has received increasing attention lately for its hair-repairing/growing features. According to its promotional blurb, the product “accelerates hair regrowth on bare spots caused by equipment and blanket rubs, skin conditions, or injuries. Makes hair stronger, reducing breakage.” However, this product is actually marketed for equines (read: horses). Despite this, some individuals have proclaimed this Mane n' Tail-like product to be effective in improving the appearance and growth of human hair, thus the increased human usage of this equine grooming product. If you're one of those interested in knowing how to use Megatek to grow relaxedhair, take a look at these pointers:

  1. Some ladies report getting flakes on their scalp when using undiluted Mega-Tek. The key to avoiding this complication is refraining from leaving the product on your hair for too long or overnight and also by making sure you wash it thoroughly off your scalp and strands.

  2. One way of using Mega-Tek to good results is applying it to your hair from roots to tips and leaving it on for a couple of minutes.

    hen, rinse it off thoroughly with water and apply a conditioner designed for a dry, itchy scalp.

  3. Although Mega-Tek works well as a leave-in conditioner, as long as it doesn't get to your scalp, this may not be favorable for relaxed or straightened hair as it encourages waves.

  4. Some users experience hair fallout while using Mega-Tek. This is due to the acceleration of the hair growth cycle, which, in turn, speeds up hair growth. What you can do to counteract this is to take garlic supplements. You can opt for the deodorized version if you're worried about the odor.

  5. You can also use a diluted or mixed version of Mega-Tek to counteract the effects of the strong formulation, which is so packed with protein it may potentially dry out the hair a bit too much. To balance this out, add moisturizing components to avoid breakage or dryness. You can mix in about three teaspoons of castor oil and around two teaspoons of 100% vegetable glycerin to three ounces of Mega-Tek. The castor oil is good at preventing shedding, breakage, and even dandruff, while the glycerin attracts water to your hair. Put the concoction in an applicator squeeze bottle for easy application

  6. You can also combine a nickel-sized dollop of Mega-Tek with virgin coconut oil or olive oil. Pick organic, natural oils, like almond, grapeseed, jojoba, or avocado, to mix with the product and avoid synthetic lubricators like mineral oil, as this is not as soluble or is less likely to promote moisture absorption. Massage this mixture into your scalp and hair for about five minutes for optimal absorption.

  7. You can also try pre-oiling by rubbing a natural oil of your choice on your scalp before applying Mega-Tek, instead of mixing the oil with the product. Doing this helps protect your scalp from its strong effects.

  8. You don't have to wash your hair frequently or apply Mega-Tek daily, especially if your scalp is protein-sensitive. Use it for your co-washing days, which should be about once or twice a week or during your full-on wash days (with shampoo, that is) to avoid overdrying your relaxed hair.

  9. In order to maximize absorption, see to it that all excess water has been squeezed from your locks before applying the product.

Although you are learning how to use Megatek to grow relaxed hair, you should still observe good hair care habits, like not using harsh chemicals or heat on your locks and detangling it with care. Avoid combing your mane while it's dry and don't tug or pull at the strands when doing so. Also, avoid rubbing your hair when drying with a towel to prevent breakage and frizz and to promote hair growth.


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