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how to use resistance bands

how to use resistance bands

Resistance bands are elastic bands that are used to train your strength skills. They are like giant rubber bands that can help you target a certain muscle or muscle group by creating resistance and tension. There are various ways on how to use resistance bands properly; however, each muscle or muscle group has its own distinct way of gaining strength. Most people who want to work without the use of big machines prefer to use resistance bands. Their light weight makes them more convenient and portable than weight-lifting gears. You can take these bands practically everywhere with you. Here are some various ways in which you can strengthen certain muscles or muscle group with the resistance bands:

  1. To strengthen your lower body, simply step on the band and hold both ends. Do a couple of squats and lunges. To make sure that you are doing it right, perform 15 repetitions of squats and lunges each.

  2. To further strengthen your leg muscles, lie down on your back. Wrap the band around one foot and hold both ends once again.

    Pull the bands using your hands while pushing your leg as well. Hold it for 10 seconds or until you can feel the tension on your leg. Do 15 repetitions.

  3. To strengthen your biceps, step on the middle part of the band. Pull one end towards your shoulder. Make sure that you feel a certain amount of resistance. If not, make the length of the band shorter by stepping a little towards the end. Again, hold this position until you feel the tension.

  4. For strengthening triceps, step on the band once again. Pull the bands behind your back. Another way is to put the other leg behind and then pull the band. This is called the triceps kickback. Make sure you hold this position until you feel the tension.

  5. Now, when strengthening your gluteus muscles, or what you call your glutes, hold both ends of the band and get down on your hands and knees. Wrap the band around one foot and pull the foot all the way to the back until it’s straight. Make sure to hold that position until you feel the tension. Perform 15 repetitions.

  6. For your arms and your back muscles, wrap the band around anything that can support your weight. It can be a pole, a wall, a bench or something like that. Grab both ends and gently pull it towards your body. You can do this with both hands, one hand or even with your feet. You can also do this while sitting down; when you are pulling yourself, you are including your back muscles as well. Wherever the tension is, make sure to hold that position for a certain amount of time. Perform repetitions to further strengthen the muscles.

Resistance band are very useful and versatile when it comes to strengthening your muscles. After you know how to use resistance bands, you can even create your own exercises as long as you don’t strain your muscles by pulling too hard.


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