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how to use tattoo transfer paper

how to use tattoo transfer paper

The art of tattooing is growing in popularity, especially as various artists develop advance techniques. Needle machines are also becoming increasingly sophisticated, giving artists more options in terms of details, designs and colors. With tattooing becoming more of an art, practitioners must observe certain precautions. For the artists, especially novices, knowledge of how to use tattoo transfer paper is essential. Artists use tattoo transfer paper to ensure that they are guided with the actual design. It may also serve as a tool to ensure the whole design is proportional to the part of the body where it will be placed. The artist can foresee how the tattoo will turn out and still make necessary changes. This ensures a flawless outcome. On the other hand, the costumer can also see how the design will look on him. It’s a sort of preview of the final product. The costumer can then decide to change, add or omit certain elements in the design. This can be helpful since tattoo removal is both painful and expensive. Here are the steps on using tattoo transfer paper:

  1. Choose a design.

    Tattoo artist usually have a scrap book of their art works. You may also ask the artist to draw an original design for you. Also, you can bring a design that you want and give it to the artist.

  2. Once the design is chosen. The artist will need to transfer the image to a thermographic transfer paper. This paper is like a carbon paper. It’s composed of four sheets. First is the sheet where the design is going to be copied. Next is a protective sheet that will be discarded when the artist is done with it. The third is a sort of carbon paper, while the fourth is a sheet of yellow paper.

  3. If the artist has a thermal fax copier, then the design can easily be transferred from a paper to the thermographic paper. Simply insert the thermal paper and the design in their corresponding slots. After a few seconds, the copier will copy the entire design.

  4. If the artist doesn't have a copier, then he will manually copy the design. He will do this by tracing the design. This is usually done very carefully, especially if the design is highly detailed. The artist may tape the design to the paper to ensure an accurate tracing.

  5. The artist then checks the copy for accuracy. He will fix any irregularities or gaps in the image.

  6. When the artist is ready to transfer the design to your skin, he will moisten your skin with water and soap for the copy to adhere properly. He will press it firmly to ensure that the design will imprint in your skin. You have to seat still so that the design will properly mark your skin.

  7. If there are irregularities with the imprint, the artist will erase these with oil and start over again. The imprint will serve as a guide for the artist, so it must be accurate. The artist may now begin if you are satisfied with the design.

The steps on how to use tattoo transfer paper are very easy and very helpful for tattoo artists. It is also advantageous for undecided costumers.  Once you have an idea of how the tattoo will look, you can say the word and begin the process.


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