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How to Vaccinate a Dog

How to Vaccinate a Dog

Not many people would want to vaccinate their dogs themselves. If they had the option of using the services of a veterinarian, they would prefer it. However, there are situations where the best choice is for the dog owners to personally administer the vaccination to their dogs. This can be due to financial constraints, their expertise in the medical field or the fact that they trust no one else to do the job. Learning how to vaccinate a dog is manageable if you have the heart for it. Read through the following instructions and decide if you can do it:

  1. Prepare the things that you will need before attempting to inject your dog with anything. Attach the medical needle to the syringe and securely lock it into place. Hold the vial containing the vaccine upside down and insert the needle into its rubbery top. Draw the handle of the syringe backwards to transfer the fluid from the vial into the syringe.

  2. Get the vial containing the powdered part of the vaccine and inject the fluid from the fluid-filled syringe into it.

    The liquid portion should now cover the powdered portion.

  3. Shake the vial after removing the syringe in order to mix the 2 substances thoroughly. This should result in a more consistent liquid form. The shaking should last for less than a minute.

  4. Transfer the mixture into the syringe again by inserting the needle into the vial and pulling the plunger to draw it in. With your right hand, hold the syringe in front of you, pointing it towards the ceiling to see if there’s air inside it. Make sure that you eliminate the air by pushing the plunger a bit until a small amount of the liquid comes out.

  5. Ask someone to assist you in injecting your dog. You can avoid wasting the vaccine if your dog is properly constrained. This will also prevent any untoward incidents or accidents that may cause a traumatic experience to you and your dog.

  6. Adopt the most comfortable position possible when injecting your dog. You should have direct access to the loose skin over its shoulder. Raise the skin with your fingers and immediately insert the needle underneath it. Do not push the plunger yet. Instead, pull back a little to see if any blood goes into the syringe. If it does, choose another spot away from any blood vessels. When you are sure that you are not injecting into a blood vessel, inject the vaccine into the dog’s skin until none is left over.

  7. Learn also how to administer the vaccine through the dog’s nose if this is what your vet recommends. The mixing process for this type of vaccination is similar to the one followed for the injectable vaccinations, but instead of using a needle you should attach an adapter to the syringe. An alternative to the adapter is a medicine dropper. Lay your dog on the ground, and squeeze half of the mixture into one nostril and the other half into the other nostril. Do not restrict your dog from shaking its head or sneezing afterwards.

When learning how to vaccinate a dog it is important to follow good hygiene. When using a disposable needle, use it only once and dispose of it responsibly. Make sure that the needle is sterilized if you are not using a disposable one. Do not use the same disposable needle or syringe for all the vaccines or sterilize them every time you administer a vaccine to your dog. Seek the advice of your vet for the complete list of vaccines your dog should have.


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