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How to Vaccinate a Puppy

How to Vaccinate a Puppy

Vaccination keeps puppies safe from typical dog diseases by initiating their immune responses to foreign elements in their bodies. You should learn how to vaccinate a puppy. Some basic vaccinations are required by law, but you can add some specialized vaccines to these depending on what diseases your area is prone to. Have a word with your local veterinarian to find out more after reading through the following guidelines:

  1. Do not wean your puppy prematurely from the milk of its mother. Nursing is essential for its natural immunity up to the age of 20 weeks. Colostrum, which can be acquired by puppies in the initial days of breastfeeding, has an abundant supply of antibodies to fight off diseases. Medicated vaccinations must be administered following this period. They will help to make sure that dangerous illnesses cannot affect your puppy.

  2. Do not assume that your puppy is immune from diseases up to 20 weeks of age because of breast milk. Some puppies do not have that protection for that long.

    It is best to initiate the puppy’s vaccination when it reaches the age of 6 weeks. You can delay the vaccinations up to the age of 8 weeks, but, ideally, you shouldn’t delay them longer than that.

  3. Go for the combined shots initially. These mainly protect the puppy from common diseases such as adenovirus cough, hepatitis and distemper, plus parvovirus and parainfluenza. These have been noted to significantly affect dogs.

  4. Comply with the puppy’s further immunity schedule every month or more frequently. Your puppy will be fine receiving two doses of combined vaccines. Should you miss a certain schedule, reschedule with the vet right away so as not to lose out on anything. This will help avoid the possibility of your dog receiving more than two doses of vaccines on its next appointment should you forget to take it for a particular set of vaccinations. This would not only be uncomfortable for your dog but also for you or whoever is taking care of it.

  5. Do not forget the rabies vaccine, because you have to wait until your puppy matures to the age of 6 months. This is also a form of liability protection on your part just in case your dog bites anyone. Mark this on your calendar because it would be a disaster to miss it. No responsible dog owner can live comfortably knowing that his or her pet did not get this shot.

  6. After every vaccination, get advice from your vet on what to expect as per the after-effects of the boosters. It may be natural for dogs to get feverish, but what should you do when it happens? Do not ignore it when your dog vomits or develops inflammation. You should already know how to administer first aid to your dog when confronted by these problems. There’s no difficult task as far as dog immunization is concerned if you are informed beforehand. This is definitely not the right time to panic.

Take note that there’s a reason why federal law requires dog owners to get their pets vaccinated. This is for your own protection and for that of your community. The spread of nasty diseases can be controlled only if dog owners are obedient about this rule. Take care to learn how to vaccinate a puppy. This is an interesting activity for you and your pet, and not just a burden. Errands that are taken with good intentions and with interest at heart can be a source of fulfillment. Let the good health of your dog remind you that you’ve been a very responsible dog owner.


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