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How to Wash Black Hair Properly

How to Wash Black Hair Properly

If you answered true, you'll finish this piece knowing the correct answer—that you need to wash your naturally curly tresses regularly to keep them healthy and that doing so won't really dry out your locks, as long as you moisturize them after shampooing. Water, in itself, is a hydrating substance. Don't deprive your hair of this! To know how to wash black hair properly, take a look at these steps:

  1. Basically, African American hair is more fragile than other types of strands, as noted by Ladies' Home Journal. It shrinks more when it's dry and can be twice as long when wet. It's also more elastic. Knowing this is important so that you know why you need to give your hair the TLC it needs, given its unique qualities.

  2. Although it is recommended that you wash your hair regularly, this does not mean that you should do so too often. That's because frequent washes may dry out your naturally dry locks. It also takes time for your scalp's natural oils to travel all the way down to the tips, so aim to wash your hair just once a week.


  3. Before washing, it is important that you detangle your hair beforehand, as it is more difficult to do so once your hair is wet. To do this, mix three parts water with one part olive or coconut oil in a spray bottle. After sectioning your hair with a good detangling comb, spray each section with the mixture. Make sure you work on one section at a time.

  4. After spraying on the water-oil solution, apply a dollop of conditioner on the sectioned locks, from root to tip. Use more if the strands are longer. Once the hair is moist and slippery, feel the knotted-up portions of your hair and carefully and gently separate them with your fingers.

  5. When you're able to pull your fingers through your locks without catching a knot, run the section through with the detangling comb. Then, twist the detangled section and clip it up to keep it out of the way as you proceed to work on the other sections. Repeat the same procedure until your hair is sufficiently detangled.

  6. Wash your hair carefully, making sure that the conditioner is thoroughly rinsed off. Use a massaging motion once in a while to help remove the product and clean your strands. Washing your locks without shampoo helps keep them richly moisturized and prevents dryness. However, if you need to use shampoo, use a gentle formulation about once a month or every six weeks, to eliminate hair product build-up.

  7. Once you're done with the washing, wrap your hair with a cotton towel or cloth. Avoid using the conventional terry cloth towels as these are likely to cause breakage.

  8. While your hair is still wet, apply leave-in conditioner to your mane so it remains moisturized as it dries. Then, spray on the water and oil mixture to seal in the conditioner. Doing this helps minimize or control frizz, makes it more manageable, and also helps you ensure your hair doesn't tangle as easily. This moisture shield also helps you protect your hair from the elements, as well as styling processes.

  9. It's best to air dry your hair as this is the least damaging or drying method. However, if you're in a hurry, you can use indirect heat to dry your locks via bonnet drying.

Finally, never ever use hot water in your efforts to learn how to wash black hair properly. Use warm water instead. This way, you will achieve the healthy, beautiful hair you desire.


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