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How to Wash Your Face Properly

How to Wash Your Face Properly

Knowing how to wash your face properly is something we learn early in life. It becomes a daily habit as part of hygiene. However, you may realize that you have not been washing your face properly all these years when you notice that there’s still dirt on the cotton ball when you apply toner after cleansing. It could be that the face washing method your mom taught you was applicable for your makeup-free face when you were a child, but it’s not enough now. These tips can help you wash your face the right way.

  1. Pre-clean

    If you have makeup on, use makeup remover to take it off. Some types of makeup are waterproof, so washing with soap and water isn’t effective. In particular, make sure that the eye area is free of makeup. Next, wash your hands thoroughly so that the germs and dirt on it do not reach your face.

  2. Splash warm water on your face

    Warm water will open your pores, resulting in a deeper cleanse. You can also expose your face to steam for a few short minutes, or alternatively, dip a towel in hot water and pat your face.

    e impurities in your pores will rise and be easier to wash off.

  3. Apply cleanser

    Your cleanser can be a liquid or solid, as long as it is gentle and suitable for your skin type. It should not cause redness or irritate your skin. Use a small amount and rub it in circular motions. This will engage your skin and prevent sagging. Rub gently and inward on the eye area, especially when you have acne.

    From time to time, about once a week, you can follow up with exfoliation to remove dead skin cells. You can use a facial scrub that has tiny beads or you can use a soft cloth. It is best to exfoliate while the cleanser is still on the face for additional lubrication. Rub gently in circles and avoid the sensitive eye area.

  4. Rinse

    Rinse off the cleanser and everything else with cool water. Cool water closes the pores, keeping them clean. Splash water repeatedly on your face and make sure you wash off the hair line, ear area, and under the chin. Rinse thoroughly, as soap residue dries skin out.

  5. Dry off

    Pat your face gently with a clean, dry towel. Rubbing encourages wrinkles and puts stress the skin. You can also just cover your face with the towel and press lightly. It is recommended that you use a small towel different from the one you use to dry off your body. This limits the amount of the dirt and bacteria reaching your face. The products you use on your body are likely to be different and hasher than the products for your face. Leave a fine mist of water on your face in preparation for moisturizing.

Knowledge on how to wash your face properly might encourage you to wash your face more often. Unless ordered by your dermatologist, wash your face a maximum of two times a day. Washing more frequently encourages your glands to overproduce oil to compensate for the drying effect of cleansing. If you have been at home all day and haven’t sweated, you don’t even have to wash your face. Give the skin a break.


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