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How to Wax Eyebrows

How to Wax Eyebrows

Waxing is the most effective hair removal method. This is especially the case for small patches, for instance, when reshaping the eyebrows. It is also faster and more bearable than plucking. You can have it done at your favorite beauty salon, but with a little help from us, you can learn how to wax eyebrows on your own. Get started with these simple steps:

  1. Brush your eyebrows with a makeup brush, a clean mascara wand, or a small toothbrush. This will bring out the natural shape of your eyebrows and get the hair ready for waxing.

  2. Identify the proper shape for your eyebrow. Your natural eyebrow line is the best guide. Set your brow pattern from the start by marking the points with dots. Use eyebrow pencil to mark where it begins, where the arch rises and where it ends. Connect the dots with a line to clearly reveal the off-limit areas. You can ignore this process once you are a veteran at waxing your eyebrows and are familiar with the right shape for them. Establish the balance between the two eyebrows using the traced guide, because it will be impossible to correct it once the waxing is done.

  3. Apply the wax according to the manufacturerÂ’s instructions. You can choose the cold or hot waxing method depending on what you prefer. Hot wax is commonly used. Refer to the guide while applying the wax, and do it one eyebrow at a time. Never let the hairs along the eyebrow line come into contact with the wax. Do it as neatly as possible.

  4. You may now position a small cloth strip over the applied wax before it dries out. Smooth it with one hand, gently pressing it so that it is incorporated well into the area of skin from which the hairs are to be removed. Pull one end with the other hand against the direction of hair growth. Repeat the waxing process until your eyebrow is neatly shaped. Follow the same procedure on your other eyebrow. You can do a bit at a time for precision, but if you are sure of the shape you want you can do it all at one go.

  5. Brush your eyebrows again, and with the aid of small scissors, trim the long eyebrow hairs. Be careful not to cut too much hair as doing so can create bald spots. Never rush. Haste leads to mistakes, and you can suffer from the consequences for a month or until the hairs are fully regrown.

  6. Use a good pair of tweezers to pluck the remaining hairs and define the eyebrow shape you want clearly. Apply a soothing balm or aloe lotion on the waxed area to relax the pores. It may turn reddish, but the color should disappear after a while (from a few minutes to a couple of hours).

  7. Allow for 4 to 6 weeks of hair growth before waxing again. Regrowth is a lot slower after waxing than after manual plucking. If you are vigilant enough to pluck newly grown hairs immediately you notice them, you may not need to do major waxing again.

If you alter your eyebrows significantly, you will look different from your typical appearance. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it will be obvious that you did something drastic to improve your looks. In short, it will not look natural. If you want to look as natural as possible, then you should be patient and careful when learning how to wax eyebrows.


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