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how to wear high heels

how to wear high heels

Remember the stunningly beautiful Angelina Jolie in her blockbuster movie The Tourist with the handsome Johnny Depp?  Oh, she loves wearing high heels in that movie. She glides painlessly and walks comfortably simply because she knows exactly how to wear high heels in an appropriate manner. Heels made of quality shoe materials are very comfy on the feet. But can’t wearing high heels for an extended period become painful?  Yes, if you don’t know how to use them, and no, if you know the proper way of wearing them. So as not to tire your feet with your high heels, go though the following guide on looking fabulous in heels.

  1. Know your shoe size. This means that your heels should fit the size of your feet. If you wear a bigger size or a smaller size you will just be causing injury to yourself. Also pay attention to the shoe brand, because while you may fit an S-8 in one brand, you may be S-7 or S-9 in another shoe brand. The remedy is to try the footwear and feel it before you finally make your purchase.

  2. Start with shoes that have lower heels. You don’t have to be in a hurry and immediately wear five-inch stilettos or higher. As a beginner, start wearing two or three inch heels and practice with those.

  3. Use protective items. Regardless of how short or how tall your heels are, always secure your feet by putting on heel cushions or any kind of gel inserts. Early on, put bandages on the back inner linings and the toe areas of your heels to avoid swelling and blister development. The bandage will serve as preventive material between the shoe framework and the skin. These protective items can also provide more comfort while walking.

  4. Walk carefully and properly. Walk with confidence. The basic rule is “heel then toe, heel then toe” and never the reverse. This walking style is the proper way to keep your whole body upright with a head up high. While walking, keep your shoulders back and chest out so that even if you wear your heels for hours, each walking experience will be painless.

    Be careful with your steps because the heels are very susceptible to getting into tiny holes in the street and little cracks on the floor. In as much as possible, always step on an even surface and swing your arms accordingly in order to keep your balance.

  5. Make use of the stair handrail. This is a very important because you are not only concerned about your posture but your safety as well. Not all ladies who know how to wear high heels are fond of using the railing. But in your case, as a beginner, it is mandatory that you make use of the rail provided.

Most high heels are designed stylishly so that they may look flattering on every woman. Heels can lengthen the body, and in effect, what is created is a slimmer, sexier and sleeker body figure. Many shoe designers believe that high heels are external manifestation of modern femininity and women’s empowerment. Ladies simply love to wear high heels so they may be able to walk prominently, set a fashion trend or display their flawless legs. Knowing how to wear high heels, especially for a long distance walk, is a must. Fashionable and highly intelligent women both in the business world and in the movie industry are expected to know how to wear high heels. It really isn’t too difficult. Be confident that you can do it!


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