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How to Wear Makeup Naturally

How to Wear Makeup Naturally

Makeup need not be heavy, especially for daily wear. The more natural it looks, the better. It is best to use shades that are light and blend well with your skin tone. Makeup that is not creamy is ideal; it minimizes the clogging of your pores with dirt. Creamy makeup will make you prone to pimples and blackheads. Follow these tips on how to wear makeup naturally:

  1. Apply moisturizer to your skin. Makeup applied to dry skin will not blend naturally. Caking tends to happen, and it is not a pleasant sight. Choose a moisturizer for daytime use. It should not be too creamy: just enough to moisturize your skin.

  2. Use concealer on your blemishes. You can also use it to conceal the circles around your eyes. These appear especially when you are not well-rested. A stick concealer is convenient to use. Lightly apply it to the imperfections and blend it in using your hand or a sponge. Choose a shade that matches or is very close to your skin tone so that the effect will be invisible. The covered imperfections will no longer be apparent, or, in severe cases, they will be lightened.

  3. Use a highlighter stick or brush on the sides of your nose, on your expression lines, and at the corners of your eyes. This will improve and emphasize these areas. Your nose will look sharper and your eyes highlighted, making for a more attractive appearance.

  4. Use an eyebrow brush to put on color two shades darker than natural. You can enhance the curve a bit, but don’t deviate from your natural eyebrow shape. Make sure that the curves on both eyebrows are similar.

  5. Curl your eyelashes to make them look more flattering, and put on mascara for more emphasis. Make sure that they do not smudge. You can use waterproof mascara to be sure it stays in place even if you sweat.

  6. Apply a little blush with long strokes. Short strokes look unnatural. The trick is to smile as you apply the blush with upward strokes. Choose a light shade, especially if it’s just for daily wear. Using dark shades will make it look like you are trying too hard.

  7. Put lip balm or lip gloss on your lips. Using dark lipstick will make it obvious that you are wearing makeup. Use a nude lipstick instead, after the lip balm. Apply lip gloss to enhance the color of your lips and to moisturize them a bit. The lipstick must be lighter and should complement the shade of your blush.

  8. Apply eyeliner but don’t make it thick and dark. It looks more natural if it just follows the outline of your eye. The best shade to use is a brown or brown-black mixture. Black will over emphasize your eyes, and if it smudges, the area around your eyes will look dirty.

Wearing heavy makeup is a thing of the past, especially where daily wear is concerned. Today some people even consider having their eyebrows, eyeliner, and lip color tattooed on to minimize makeup application time. It is, however, best to apply makeup on your own as doing this gives you control over your final appearance. Learn how to wear makeup naturally and you will not regret it. You will be able to touch it up when you want to, and you will definitely appreciate your enhanced look.


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