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how to wear soccer shin guards

how to wear soccer shin guards

In every sport or play, there are specific types of protective gear necessary to promote the welfare and safety of the players. Protective gear was invented in order to shield players from injuries. For soccer, learning how to wear soccer shin guards is a first step for every player. Shin guards serve as main protective gear for the lower leg. Samuel Weller Widdowsonin invented shin guards in the second half of the 19th century somewhere in Nottingham. Therefore, history reveals that Nottingham Forest was the very first playing team that used shin guards. Shin guards effectively provide support to the ankle as proven by the renowned goalkeeper named Joe Anyon. He testified that the only thing that saved his playing career was his use of shin pads when he had a collision one time while playing. He said, had he not put on his shin pads before going into the field, the injury could have been really, really bad. You need not to watch an instructional video that demonstrates putting on shin guards. All you have to do is to follow these steps and precautions to be safe from any potential injuries concerning the lower leg.

  1. Put on white athletic soccer socks. Make sure that your feet are totally dry beforehand. You can apply foot powder or any deodorant to keep them dry all the time. Doing so helps you avoid getting athlete’s foot as well as blisters, which can affect your mobility on the field.

  2. Put on soccer shin guards. Place the ankle wrap on your foot, and then align the concave shin guard part, which is made of hard plastic, on your shin. Your shin guards should cover your leg from the ankle up to 2 inches below the knee at most.

  3. Properly fasten the heel strap right on the arch of your foot. Make sure that the heel straps are not twisted. Most of the straps are Velcro.

  4. Pull the shin guard against your shin for a tight fit. It is highly recommended because a loose fit will cause discomfort on the legs while playing.

  5. Wrap the elastic strap around your calf. As you tighten the fit of the shin guard, the elastic strap is wrapped around the top of the shin guard and around your calf muscles.

  6. Put on final soccer socks to cover the shin guard. If your soccer socks are too long, then fold them evenly on the upper end of your shin guard.

Properly wearing shin guards is very important; otherwise, it will affect the player’s mobility and dribbling skills. However, the soccer shin guard ultimately contributes to the success of the playing career of every soccer player when worn correctly. Initially, shin guards may be uncomfortable, but as you continue to use them during every practice, you’ll eventually get used to them. Do not play without the proper protective gear. Mitigate the risks of getting injured by mastering how to wear soccer shin guards.    


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