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how to win a girl back

how to win a girl back

Most break ups, if managed properly, don’t have to be absolute. However, when handled poorly by the parties involved, the break up may become permanent. Many guys don’t know how to win a girl back after a serious break up. Now, if you are dying to get your girlfriend back, you have to do it correctly. Don’t do things that will only worsen the situation. Here are the tips that you’ll need.

  1. Evaluate yourself. Love is the strongest force that will compel you to win your girl back. If there is no more love, there is no reason why you should be running after her. Once you are able to establish that she is the girl you want to marry and be with for the rest of your life, then you have the strongest edge to win her again. Ideally, it is your love that should motivate you to do better the next time around.

    There is really no hard-and-fast rule to determine whether or not a particular girl is your true love. But, as long as she makes you happy and brings out the best in you, then she is worth fighting for.

  2. Don’t send love notes, flowers, chocolates, or any gift. Sending things that she usually loves and appreciates is a false move. Such an actuation will not resolve the core reason for the love quarrel. Most girls do not find it comfortable to receive gifts and flowers immediately after a serious break up. Remember, a romantic move is only effective when done at the right time and place. The perfect time to give lovely presents is when the relationship is going on smoothly.

  3. Manage your anger and pride. Anger is very hard to contain, especially if she is yelling and telling you bluntly that it is your fault. When she is arguing heavily, do not counter-argue nor rebut her points. If she has incorrect points, just let her say them. It is not yet time for you to correct her. The most fatal move you could commit is to prove that she is wrong since it will only complicate the break up. If you do so, you are just reinforcing her idea to leave you.

  4. Never devalue yourself. After a break up, there is no reason why you should degrade yourself. Undermining and lessening your worth won’t really help, but will only make you look weak. Telling her that you will do everything she wishes, getting down on your knees while professing that you love her so much, or begging her to stay will only drive her away. These are not the usual actuations of a confident and a strong gentleman. If you believe compromise is necessary in order to win her back, do it in the right way.

  5. Avoid logic and debate. The foundations of a good love affair are feelings and emotions. Therefore, debating with her and applying logic to justify a mistake won’t bring her back. She’ll find it very annoying if you try to dissect some parts of her arguments, and thereafter use the same arguments to checkmate her. Mind you, this will only result in another heated quarrel.

  6. If you are at fault, say sorry. It is not hard to express regret and apologize for the wrong that you have done. Saying sorry just to get her back would not, in any way, demean nor disgrace you. At best, it will improve your sincerity to her as you enter another chapter of your love affair.

Gentlemen should learn how to win a girl back properly after a heavy quarrel. Being so apologetic is not really enough, especially if the cause of the break up is something unforgivable. However, for as long as love is still there, she may find it easy to release forgiveness and trust you once again.


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