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how to win a girl back after a break up

how to win a girl back after a break up

An estranged couple will surely be surging with emotions after the break up. Feelings have to settle down first before the couple can make a sensible step towards reconciliation. How to win a girl back after a break up is very possible if you remain a gentleman during the course of the break up. Whether you want to get the girl back or not, it is admirable that you check on the state of the ex-partner to see how she’s doing after the cooling down period. The next steps will be dependent on the girl’s reaction to your courtesy call:

  1. The girl might be indifferent or unpleasant with you, but you have to be calm and understanding at all times while in contact with her. Never justify any blames that she may throw on you. Just be apologetic, even if it’s not your fault. Refrain from saying anything that you will regret later on. That will just complicate things.

  2. If she doesn't want to have anything to do with you for the time being, respect her decision. Give her time. Do not bargain with her just to have her back.

    inue with your life, but when there are instances that can lead to the crossing of your paths, attend to them with a pleasant attitude. Never insist on getting in touch with her by harassing her through any modes of contact. Chance meetings are the best ways.

  3. You will lose your individuality if you force her to take you back under the condition that you will abide with all of her demands. A good relationship is the merging of two personalities that complement each other. If you will just be obedient to her, you will become nobody and that will lower your value as a person. She can just use and abuse you in the long run, and that will soon make you unhappy.

  4. Do not use gifts in bringing her back. The token given will just be a sign of desperation and will not make you the respectable person that you are. You don’t want to be loved because of the expensive gifts you can offer, because when you have nothing more to give, she will not want you anymore. You can show kindness in many other ways, such as fixing her car.

  5. Try to understand where she’s coming from. Maybe you’ll learn more about yourself while listening to her complaints. Make compromises but make sure that you do not give in too much. Be serious in complying with all the agreed conditions. This might also make you a better person.

How to win a girl back after a break up requires you to sort out the roots of the problem. You cannot win any game if you do not know who or what the enemy is! By following all the above moves, you will avoid many common mistakes that might complicate the situation.


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