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how to win back your ex boyfriend

how to win back your ex boyfriend

There may be times in your relationship that you feel tired and exhausted. You will soon realize that love is never enough to make the relationship work and it takes two to tango. Once your boyfriend becomes weary, he’ll probably leave you. Then you come to a point thinking how to win back your ex boyfriend. There are few important things you have to remember in order to get your ex boyfriend back. Read on below for the relevant tips.

  1. Be strong. After you break up, no matter how hurting and painful, learn to keep your composure and self-confidence. If you show your ex that you are miserable and depressed, he is not going to take you back. Remember, guys don’t seriously fall for a girl out of pity.

    Let him know that you are still good with the usual things you do. If you have been excellent in school, excel more. If you have been good in the office, do much better. It is somewhat like saying, “I can still do more in life even after we break up.”

  2. Limit contact.

    need to be very strict on this so you won’t appear desperate and anxious about the break up. Whatever is your course of action to win back your ex, do not harass him. This will only turn him off. No matter how bad you want to call him, don’t do it. Repeated phone calls after a break up could mean stalking. Dialing his number will only give your ex a confirmation that you are still concerned about him. In that way, he will never feel the pain of losing you.

  3. Focus on other things. You may think that this is not much of a “win back your ex” tactic, but this is a very effective method. Explore a new activity or hobby and focus on it while the pain is very intense. There are a number of ladies who sweat it out, which means they go to the gym and perform physical exercises with other ladies.

    Gaining new friends is a very good approach to divert your attention. By the time your ex learns that you are not affected in any way with the break up, he’ll start his own moves to talk to you. To some extent, it is how you value yourself that will bring him back to you.

  4. Be open and willing to talk. When your ex asks you to talk about things, don’t be hard on him. Accept the invitation and feel free to discuss the causes of the break up. Analyze how you can address the problems at hand. Express your thoughts and pains. If you want to cry while you are talking, then you may. That will make him understand that you were really hurt during those times that he was away.

  5. Agree to work it out together. It is not only a matter of making compromises, but more on improving the commitment you have for each other. Admit that you cannot do it alone. You need him just as he needs you. If your ex tells you what he hates most about you, do the same. That will enable the two of you to meet on the same ground. As long as you know what he likes and doesn’t like, and he knows what you like and don’t like, dealing with the relationship will no longer be difficult.

You see, winning back your ex doesn’t have to be about begging. You don’t have to plead in any way. Just don’t fear to take the needed actions on how to win back your ex boyfriend. Fear is nothing compared to your love for him. It is not every day that you fall in love and be loved in return. Once you find the love of your life, never let go of it. Just make sure you don’t appear very desperate in the process.


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