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how to win back your ex-girlfriend

how to win back your ex-girlfriend

Love is a precious thing, so don’t lose sight of your love. Even if you feel hopeless and a little desperate, it is definitely possible to get your ex-girlfriend back. However, winning back your ex may take time, especially if you don’t know where to begin. Let’s talk about the right techniques on how to win back your ex-girlfriend. Winning back your ex-girlfriend may not be easy, especially if you had been together for years. The length of your relationship determines how much time and effort you have to exert to make everything right. She must also be hurting and crying right after the breakup. Remember, taking your chances to win her back requires determination and a pure heart. You can maximize your chances by using the steps below:

  1. Just feel the pain. After a breakup, it is entirely natural to feel hurt. Be careful not to dwell too much on your pain because when a person is extremely upset, there is a tendency to commit more mistakes. These mistakes can possibly make it more difficult to get your ex-girlfriend back.

    ile smart people learn from their own mistakes, genius individuals learn from the errors of others.

  2. Refresh your mind. Since you feel upset after you broke up, it can be expected that you feel disoriented and out of focus. It is possible even that your self-esteem has deteriorated. Therefore, you need to refresh your mind to feel better before you attempt to win your ex-girlfriend back. Taking long walks in the morning, soul-searching, meditation, or yoga can effectively enliven your mind. This will enable you to see your situation more clearly.

  3. Find out why you need to win her back. As much as possible, be honest with your feelings. If she means so much to you and you can’t imagine your life without her, by all means win her back. Ask yourself if she is truly good enough for you as a girlfriend. Once you are certain it was a mistake that you broke up, start to plan your actions so you can make up for the lost time.

  4. Stay thoughtful. A few days after your breakup, start sending her beautiful text messages. Your texts should convey a message that you need her badly in your life, although you may not get any positive responses at first. Texting her occasionally is a good start to let her know that she is always on your mind. By the time you get a positive answer, you can begin calling her once in a while.

  5. Don’t forget important dates. Like other girls out there, pamper her to make her feel special. On her birthday, send her a dozen roses and chocolates with a note saying “I miss you so much” or “I hope to see you very soon.” One of the best occasions that can help you win her back is during Valentine’s Day. Send her an invitation asking if she could be your date on that day. This will let her know that you are not dating someone else, and you are still waiting for the time that she’ll come back to you.

  6. Find time to talk to her personally. The final step is to let her know that you are still very much interested in winning her back. Be sincere and maintain eye contact while talking with her. Since you are the one proposing, be the one to begin the conversation. The moment she starts talking, listen to what she has to say. If she mentions the things that she doesn’t like about you, don’t argue with her. Just let her express her feelings. Wait for the moment when both of you are finally relieved, and then give her a tight hug and a sweet kiss.

Moreover, the reason for the breakup must be considered when choosing the right strategy to win her back. If it was you who caused the trouble, you need to give her more time to seriously consider everything. If it was her who caused the breakup, then you don’t have to be more aggressive. For more excellent tips on how to win back your ex-girlfriend, research online for related articles or read books that talk about relationships. You will never know until you try to rekindle your relationship whether she will be the love of your life forever.


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