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how to win back your ex-husband

how to win back your ex-husband how to win back your ex-husband

It’s a common scene in any soap opera that a woman will do anything to get back her ex-husband that got away. This may be true in real life but how to win back your ex-husband must be done only for the right reasons. Ensure that he’s the one you want to spend your life with and the one that you will support as long as you live. The process should also be as natural as possible. Consider the following:

  1. Allow yourselves to have a break from each other. Have a change of environment. Be active socially and get involved with interesting activities. Take care of yourself by going through beauty treatments, exercise routines and a healthy diet. Once you’ve relaxed and the pain has subsided, make inquiries on his whereabouts discretely.

  2. Whether you are the one at fault or not, initiate the contact but do not be so persistent. Make it look like a chance encounter or you just happened to dial the wrong number. When you get into a discussion, be as apologetic and humble as possible.

    y to sense if he is into the discussion or if he’s trying to avoid it. If he is really into it, invite him for coffee. If not, give him more time. You have to be patient to get what you want.

  3. Include him in all affairs involving friends and family, like the old times. Although you should treat him warmly, give him space and show that you are enjoying the distance. Wait for him to signal his interest. If he is illusive, never force the issue. Continue doing this until you sense that he wants to be around you.

  4. When you find him being receptive to your invitations, suggest a private meeting to talk things out. Be the ideal wife while spending time together. Never get too emotional. Just be happy, sensible and attentive in his presence.

  5. The rest will be history when he allows you to be physically close again. Do not make promises. Just show that you're the kind of woman worthy of love and affection – his better half. Make the “getting back together again” statement official first before being romantically involved again. Sometimes sex can mess up the whole thing. This is not temporary – you are actually getting your husband back into your life.

  6. When you’ve succeeded in your quest, the game is not over yet. You have to do some maintenance work to make him stay. Never lose yourself again. Despite having another person to take care of, do not neglect taking care of yourself. Often times, men can clearly see the value of their wives through the eyes of other men. Be as desirable as possible.

How to win back your ex-husband will depend on the circumstances, of course. If third parties are involved, it may be more difficult. You will have to wait for a longer period until his new relationship will become sour. You will have a slim chance of winning when you have to compete with the new person in his life. They are still in the exciting phase of their union. This can also be scandalous. So, why not spend this long period of waiting by pampering yourself – perhaps a time will come that you’ll realize that he’s really not for you.


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